Replacement Pool Liners

by admin on June 2, 2011

Just about every above ground swimming pool uses a pool liner. Above ground pool liners help to seal water in and protect pools. Depending on the gauge and quality of a swimming pool liner, they can last up to 10 years with proper maintenance. Standard pool liners that are stock with most above ground portable pools are blue with a 20-gauge thickness. Replacing a pool liner can be done yourself and you will be amazed by the difference a new swimming pool liner will make to the beauty of your backyard and pool.

Determine what type of pool liner you need
There are four types of above ground pool liners to accommodate the various methods of attachment: overlap, overlap expandable, beaded, and rectangular flat bottom. They come in many colors and patterns. Darker colored pool liners will absorb more sunrays rather than reflecting them, but unfortunately this doesn’t produce a significant amount of heat for pool water- using a solar cover or blanket does. In addition, some people prefer darker colored pool liners because they tend to hide imperfections, dirt, and scratches in the liner.

Pool Liner Types
Overlap Pool Liner

Overlap pool liners are made for pools that are equipped with a liner clip underneath the top ledge. These pool liners actually come over the edge of your pool and normally don’t have a border. If you have a deeper pool, read the overlap expandable pool liners. Not sure how high your pool walls are? Measure from the top rail to the bottom rail to determine if your above ground pool measures 48″ or 52″ high.

Expandable Overlap Pool Liner

Overlap expandable pool liners are designed to stretch and cover deeper pools with 60” or 72” walls. Overlap expandable liners are not wrinkle free however. Some wrinkling is normal when covering the bottom of deeper above-ground pools.

Beaded Pool Liner

Easy to install beaded pool liners are designed for pools that are equipped with a bead receiver track underneath the top ledge. Beaded liners usually have a border, and create a closer fit with your above ground pool because they snap into the inside perimeter. If you would like to convert your pool to a receiving track, you can easily do it by ordering a beaded pool liner conversion kit.

Rectangular Flat Bottom Pool Liner

Rectangular flat bottom pool liners are specially made to fit Kayak and FantaSea on-ground pools and are just as easy to install as the other pool liners.

High-quality pool liners are designed to withstand the sun’s harsh rays and repeated pool chemical use to last you years to come. Make sure you find a pool liner that is built with quality construction and rugged durability for easy pool maintenance and lasting good looks. With so many pool liner colors and pattern options to choose from, you are sure to find the right look for your particular pool and landscape. Also, you can save money on pool liner replacements by easily installing them yourself. Doheny offers DVD installation instructions to help with the installation process.

We look forward to hearing stories about your pool liner replacements. Any colors or patterns that you liked best, or feedback for people looking to replace their pool liners?

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Rob January 2, 2012 at 7:48 am

Happy New Year 2012,

I have an erected 21′ round pool that was poorly installed. The liner was sliced cut close to the intake of the “through the wall” skimmer and the bottom is very uneven with deep pockets in-which the liner conforms to their shape. What’s the right thing to do to to fix this situation, my questions are:

1) The pool is supposed to be a 52″ deep pool, but the grading on the soil below the liner is very uneven. How deep does the soil need to be to properly maintain a true 52″ water depth?

2) The liner is a overlap and probably has a 10″ hanging over the side of the pool. I assume a beaded top would give a precise fit?

3) If so, what are the measurements of the liner from the top of the bead to the welded section of the bottom corner? (B) then to the bottom of the pool?

I appreciate any information you have,

Thank you,



admin January 5, 2012 at 10:01 am

When you hear the term 52” or 48” pool that is the wall height- the bottom of the pool should line up with the bottom of the pool wall for flat bottom installations. At time of new installation, a sod cutter would be used and the void cut out of the soil would be backfilled and leveled with Masonry sand. This would match up to the base (or bottom) of the pool wall and go flush up to the patio blocks supporting the pool’s uprights. As far as overlap liners, they do give you flexibility for imperfect pool bottoms where as a beaded liner provides no such flexibility. In your case that liner would be cut exactly 52”from bottom seam to bead. The excess overlap when installing an overlap liner is usually rolled up towards the top of the steel wall where it cannot be seen due to the top rails/ledges. Hope this helps.


jon June 24, 2013 at 11:10 pm

i am in need of an over lap expandable liner replacement.i have installed liners befor just never expandables. i was just wondering if instalation is similar to a flat bottom over lap. i cant find much online please help thanks


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