Fall Pool Care Tips: How to Remove Leaves from Your Pool

by admin on September 13, 2013

Leaves may look nice on the ground, but not in your pool.


Fall has arrived and the leaves are starting to change in your area. As scenic as that is, it can be a bit of a nuisance when the leaves start to fall directly into your pool. No pool owner wants to see leaves take over a clean and sanitary pool when they are just about to close up shop for the season. If you live in an area with a lot of trees, it can be tough to keep up with removing leaves from your pool, but it’s a crucial part of pool care. When organic remnants fall directly into your pool and are left there, they can permanently stain the pool walls and floor. Read on to learn how to prevent this from happening by properly removing leaves from your pool.

You have a few options to remove those pesky leaves that are floating in your pool:

1. Leaf Rake

A leaf rake is an easy way to get leaves out of a pool. Leaf rakes have a deep bag that scoops up as many leaves as possible once it’s placed in the water. Since the bag is made of a netted material, it allows the water to pass through while simultaneously trapping everything else. Leaf rakes also have an extendable pole, making it easy to reach even the deepest areas of your pool, including at the bottom, where leaves often collect. All you need to do is move the leaf rake back and forth until the water is clear again.

2. Leaf Skimmer    

A leaf skimmer a shallow net which is great for capturing leaves on the surface of your pool, making it easy to stop them from floating around and staining the pool walls and floor. As with a pool rake, leaf skimmers are made with the same netted material, so you can simply throw out the remaining leaves once you are done collecting everything from the surface of the pool.

3. Pool Skimmer

Double check the condition of your pool skimmer to see if there are any remaining leaves or other organic remnants clogging the skimmer basket. Continuously observe the pool skimmer, and clean the basket thoroughly after you empty it. Don’t wait until the basket is completely full, as it could clog the rest of the filtration system and create a backup.

 4. Robotic or Suction Pool Cleaners     

Robotic or suction pool cleaners will do the trick in less time. These cleaners are easy to install, simply plug them in and watch them get to work! Robotic pool cleaners have the power to collect leaves and debris in separate baskets. Suction pool cleaners actually focus on your pool’s pump system, so after pool cleaning has been completed; you need to empty the debris from the skimmer basket. Robotic pool cleaners and suction pool cleaners work on pool walls and floor to insure a complete pool cleaning so that no debris remains. Leaf no stain behind!

There you have it! Pool pro tips on how to remove leaves from your pool before they cause damage. Don’t let this season “fall” into your pool – keep the leaves out and keep the water clean in order to get the most out of your pool.




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