How to Choose the Right Robotic Cleaner

by admin on June 28, 2013

You want to ‘do it yourself’ and purchase the right robotic cleaner for your pool. But, you don’t know where to start. Before you begin this journey and take a tour of Doheny’s cleaners, we just want to give you some tips as to how to make your choice the ‘best’ one. Read on to find out which robotic cleaner works for you!

Here are some quick tips and ideas to consider before you begin the selection process:

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  1. Pool Type- This is by far the most important question to answer. Do you have an in-ground or above ground pool? Before you take a look at our robotic cleaners (we have separated them for you) observe the checklist below. This will help you choose the right robotic cleaner for your above ground or in-ground pool.
  2. Budget- To put it simply, what does your budget look like? Are you willing to spend more on a bigger cleaner for maximum cleaning power? Or save some money but still receive the same performance from a cheaper cleaner? This is an important first step before your search can continue. If you have an above ground pool and are looking for a great cleaner that will save you money at the same time, maybe you should consider.
  3. Pool Size- You need to know your pool’s dimensions before you can make this purchase. Some robotic cleaners work better for smaller sized pools, while others can tackle near Olympic sized pools with no problem. Once you figure out this information you’ll be able to narrow down your decision in no time.
  4. Pool Surface- This is a crucial step to picking the right robotic cleaner for your pool. Some cleaners might damage certain surfaces (such as tile) while others can sweep, filter, and clean all surface types. It simply depends on the cleaner. Common surface types are the following: vinyl, concrete, fiberglass, and even tile. Make sure you know this information first before you set a cleaner in your water. After all, you don’t want it to ruin what you already have or break the machine and have it stop mid clean, right? We didn’t think so either.
  5. Comfortable with Technology- Are you comfortable with a more technologically advanced robotic cleaner that might come with a remote control and various settings? Or, do you prefer a simpler addition without the remote control and say just 2-3 common cleaning settings that should get the job done in time? These are two points you might want to look into. For the more novice pool owner, a less technologically advanced cleaner will ease your mind and your budget overall.
  6. Filtration- Robotic pool cleaners operate independently of your pool’s filtration system. This means that they do not have hoses or gears that need to be attached to your pool’s skimmer or pump. All you have to do is plug it in and watch it get to work. These specialized cleaners filter and clean your water all on their own. You know they can do a thorough job because you are able to stand by and make sure of it. After all, before your family, friends, and neighbors jump in your pool, you want to be sure the water is clean and healthy first.
  7. Features- The various features you can choose from might also impact your budget and the total cost of your future robotic cleaner. Obviously, the more specified features you opt for such as: Beach Entry, Out of Water Sensor, Quik Clean Technology™, Vortex Vacuum Technology, etc. will clean and filter your pool differently than say a cleaner that might only have 2 out of the 3 features listed above. This is your call. As a pool owner, you have the right to decide how many features will get you that crystal clear pool of your dreams.

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