How to Get the Best Deal on a Pool or Spa

by admin on March 25, 2014

Have you been considering purchasing a pool or spa for your home and want to buy at the right time for the best deals?  It turns out that purchasing a pool in the off season when the weather is cooler makes it easier to find great deals on inground pools, above ground pools and spas.  We’ve got great tips for saving money on your new pool or spa this year, so read on for some helpful info.

When is the best time to buy a pool or spa?

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When it comes to purchasing a pool or spa, buying during the fall and winter months (also known as “pool closing” season,) really can save you money.  If you purchase a pool in the fall and winter months, you’ll save on installation and the pool itself.  Many pool owners report that waiting too long to make the final decision to buy a pool or spa typically results in a more expensive choice at the end – they either wait too long and miss the sales, or end up overthinking it and buying something that’s much larger than they can afford.  When you are buying during the offseason, you’ll save money and feel much less rushed to make a decision than if you were shopping for a pool or spa during the spring or summer months.

What Are the Advantages for Pool & Spa Installation in the off season?

  1. More time to get your yard ready.
    Before you even consider fall pool installation or the purchase of a new spa, you may need to work on your yard’s landscaping first. Make sure your yard is in top shape before putting in a pool or spa, allowing enough time for new grass and bushes to grow.
  1. Save money with big pool closing sales.
    The demand for pools and spas does drop during the winter months, so you can take advantage of the big sales and get exactly what you want.  Plus, you’ll have some money left over for great pool accessories!
  2. No rush to start swimming.
    When you install a pool in the fall and winter months, you don’t have to feel the “do it now!” rush that you would feel if the weather was warmer.  Since you probably aren’t even going to be able to use your new pool until the spring, you’ll be able to take your time and shop around for the best deals.

For those who install a spa during the cooler months, they’ll probably want to jump right in and enjoy the soothing warm water all winter long!  Spa owners can definitely take advantage of the winter spa sales and discounted pool and spa accessories during the offseason as well, as the manufacturers start clearing out their warehouses to make room for new models.  Whether you are interested in putting in a new inground pool in your backyard, or installing a new spa on your deck or patio, buying during the cooler weather months is the smartest way to go.


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Cliff November 3, 2015 at 4:25 pm

I have been in search of a new home which contained a swimming pool
Unfortunately what we chose did not have one so I am now in search from different
pool builders what price their pools start from ?

I am aware some builders have sales in off season this time of the year, even though I am in no rush for the pool as it can be built in 2016.

Appreciate your response and look forward in hearing from you !




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