Pool Etiquette- The Do’s and Don’ts in Your Neighbor’s Pool

by admin on August 16, 2013


Whether you are the neighbor inviting everyone over to swim or the neighbor walking over and enjoying someone else’s pool; there are certain rules that one should adhere to in the water. Basically, we are talking about etiquette and how one should be courteous with someone else’s property. After all, everyone wants to have a fun, clean, time in the water, right? Check out some of these rules below and maybe just maybe if you follow them, your summer can be ‘worry-free’ after all!

  1.     shower A Good Rinse- It really is beneficial to everyone to rinse off and/or shower before you enter your neighbor’s pool. You can’t predict what sort of unseen bacteria or organic remnants you might drag into the water with you. Children enjoy the outdoors and in doing so might bring in bugs or other little critters without meaning to do so. For children that aren’t yet toilet trained, it might be a good idea to rinse them off before applying a water proof diaper for added protection as well.
  2. pool games for kids Water Proof Padding- As is mentioned above; if your child is still wearing diapers it might be a good idea to purchase water proof/swim diapers before you hop in to your neighbor’s pool. After all, accidents do happen and it isn’t anyone’s fault- isn’t it better to be safe and sanitary than sorry? Not only will your neighbor(s) appreciate your thoughtfulness, but the other children present will too. Sometimes sharing isn’t always caring.
  3.  Do you know if your neighbor is comfortable watching a group of children without another adult present? Or, would they prefer a little company in life guarding the water? This might be your chance to double check and find out what they are comfortable with. In reviewing who should watch the children, you will both have peace of mind that everyone is safe. It might make your neighbor feel better if you and the other parent’s switch off helping them watch the horde (depending on individual schedules of course). Two sets of eyes are always better than just one when it comes to pool safety.
  4. Swimming Skill(s) – Each child has their own swimming skill set. Some may be stronger swimmers and others might not be at the same level yet. Only parents truly know where their children fall in this particular category. If your child requires a flotation device to comfortably swim, then consider purchasing a floatie, life vest, or other type of device to insure your child can still hop in the pool and have a good time with his/her peers.

 5.     Pool Rules, Rule!-

          a.    For pool owners- before your neighbor’s come over to enjoy the festivities it might be a good idea to come up with a list of rules beforehand. You can send this list to the parent’s directly, or even use it as a poster so anyone that enters the area is able to read it and follow it to a tee (hopefully).  After all, you have seen countless posters placed at public pools, so why shouldn’t your personal space have the same rights? A visual is always a great way to set the tone in your pool

           b.    For pool guests- If you happen to receive the ‘Pool Rules’ before the party starts, take some time to review them with your child directly. Let them know that in order to have a fun, safe, time these rules are set in place to help everyone do just that. If you happen to come across the rules when you arrive at the neighbor’s pool- make a quick note of them and a brief introduction to your child before they hop in and start splashing away. This shows that you respect your neighbor’s property and safety guidelines. (Plus, it could get you another invite!

6. Pool Rule Ideas

          a.    No running- An obvious rule. You don’t want someone to trip and fall on the pool deck (if one is present) that could result in a serious head injury. Best to avoid playing ‘tag’ near the water at all times

          b.    No dunking/roughhousing- Kids will be kids. There are pool games that don’t require dunking or holding someone underwater for extended periods of time. As the pool owner, maybe come up with some safe pool game ideas instead

          c.    No food/drinks in or near the water- No one wants to pick up litter in the pool after the fun is done. Who wants to see CapriSun©’s floating in the water? Not too many people do. Remind your pool guests that food and drinks belong at the table not the pool

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