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Pro Guide to Swimming Pool Equipment

by admin on August 16, 2012

Pool Equipment Explained Pool equipment can be difficult for new swimming pool owners to understand. Doheny‚Äôs Pool Supplies Fast’s Pro Guide is here to save the day and explain the different mechanical components of your swimming pool. Understanding how each part works will help you maintain your swimming pool and increase the longevity of your [...]


Over the years we have heard of and seen many unique, strange, and gross things that have been found in pool filter baskets including: Dog hair Pine needles Palm seedling Clumps of grass Clumps of hair Baseball sized furballs Sticks and leaves Gardner Snake! Remains of a white nylon gasket Toads Humming bird Hair ties [...]


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Three Types of Pool Filters

by admin on March 9, 2011

When first launching into the world of pool ownership, there are a variety of pool maintenance basics that must be learned. While sometimes overlooked, learning about your pool filter, how to properly maintain it, and how it functions should be part of your pool ownership fundamentals. In this post we provide a quick introduction to [...]