Pro Guide to Last-Minute Pool Parties

by admin on August 29, 2012

How to Throw the Best Last-Minute Labor Day Pool Party!

Summer is nearing its end as Labor Day is just around the corner. Throwing a last-minute pool party will help you cap off an amazing pool season and will give you an opportunity to show off your knowledge gained by Doheny’s Pool Supplies Fast’s Pool Pro guides! Doheny’s Pool Supplies Fast has compiled a list of tips and photographs to help inspire you to throw a very memorable pool party. Check out Doheny’s Labor Day Pool Party Pinterest board for amazing photo tips!

1) Pick a theme. Whether it’s “Poolside Pirates” or “Labor Day Lounging,” plan a theme for the event. You could decorate a cake or other treats in the theme you choose, as well as stringing poolside decorations for your guests to enjoy. Nautical themes are particularly popular for a swimming-centric party.

2) Send out invitations. Since the holiday is nearing quickly, then Doheny’s suggests sending an Evite to your guests informing them of your address plus the date and time of your event.

3) Make a fun playlist of music which corresponds with your party theme. “Sloop John B” or “Yellow Submarine” for a sailing themed event, anyone? Perhaps choose the soundtrack to Pirates of the Caribbean if you have gone with the pirate themed party? Whichever theme you choose, try to integrate music that will keep partygoers entertained and in the party spirit! Better yet, use your iPod or MP3 player with a Pool Tunes Floating Speaker from Doheny’s Pool Supplies Fast to play music in your pool! It’s also an LED light show at night!

4) Create signature cocktails. We suggest creating a special cocktail for both the 21+ crowd and the younger kids who will be attending your party. If you have gone with the pirate theme, then perhaps you can make your own twist on a martini and call it a “Piratini” for those who are of legal drinking age. Serve a similar beverage for the youngsters (without the alcohol of course!) and call it “Pirate Punch.” Tip: serving your concoctions out of a coconut would make for very festive beverage presentation. Umbrellas are optional!

5) Keep your food menu simple and stick with your party theme. Since your party is near you swimming pool, it’s best to keep things light and uncomplicated when it comes to your food choices. You don’t want to end up with spaghetti sauce staining the lining your pool, do you? Choose bite-sized hors d’oeuvres for the adults and perhaps a pirate pizza for the children! Miniature grilled hamburgers, hot dogs, or veggie kabobs would also make for simple choices. Keep watermelon slices handy. They’re always a great pool party treat!

6) Do something special for the youngsters. Keeping an event family-friendly will ensure that more families will come to your party. Parents are likely to come to your party if they don’t have to hunt for a baby-sitter at the last minute. Plunder for booty in a pirate’s chest? Have them locate a “shipwreck” that’s hidden somewhere in the pool area? The possibilities are endless!

7) Have tons of pool toys handy. Both kids and adults enjoy pool noodles and pool loungers. If you are having a pirate themed event, then consider Doheny’s Pirate Island and try to overthrow the elected pirate who sits on top of the raft! If you’re having a sporty theme, then consider purchasing a Toss and Spin. It’s definitely a party pleaser.

8) Plan fun pool games for the adults. Although the Olympics are over, try recreating them in your swimming pool. Pool noodle races are always a good time, plus you will get your exercise! You could also make a new twist on Marco Polo by trying to swim without the use of your eyes AND legs! Keeping your party-goers active and engaged will help make your pool fiesta a success.

9) Safety First. Plan for an emergency…just in case. It’s better to have lifesaving equipment such as a life hook in the event of an accident instead of finding yourself in a horrible situation during the party. Keep sunblock handy for partygoers to prevent sunburn. Make sure small children have flotation devices or life jackets as well. Doheny’s Flower Baby Float is perfect for infants!

10) Enjoy your fun poolside event!

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