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by admin on August 22, 2012

5 Common Swimming Pool Tales Busted

Many people have heard the old wives’ tales regarding swimming pools, so Doheny’s Pool Supplies Fast has compiled a list of the top 5 pool myths to explain how they are incorrect. Knowing the truth may prevent a pool problem in the future!

1) Chlorine turns your blond hair green. Contrary to popular belief, high levels of copper in your pool water are actually what turn your light-hued locks a hideous shade of green, not chlorine. Copper is an active ingredient in most pool algaecides, is present in tap water, and can also enter a pool by way of corroded copper plumbing. Since copper does not dissolve or break down, high levels of copper will cause staining once the water has reached its saturation point. Blond hair, white bathing suits and plaster beware! Unless you want to look like Nicki Minaj, then we suggest using Doheny’s Metal Out as a stain remover to remove copper buildup in your pool water. Doheny’s Concentrated Algaecide 60 is a great copper preventative since the algaecide does not contain metals and will help prevent future formation of copper deposits in your swimming pool. Maintaining proper pH and sanitizer levels in your pool can also be instrumental in preventing algae and buildup in the first place, so be sure to frequently test your swimming pool’s water chemistry.

2) You can’t swim for an hour after eating. Although Doheny’s doesn’t recommend eating everything in sight before going in the pool, the likelihood of getting a cramp and drowning as a result of food before swimming is extremely low. Parents everywhere may enjoy an hour of peace and relaxation poolside; however, eating a snack or a reasonably-sized meal before pool time is generally not lethal. In fact, you are more likely to die of accidental drowning from fatigue and exhaustion. Use common sense and eat in moderation before exercising in the pool, and remember to stay hydrated even though you are in the water!

3) I don’t need to shower first because chlorine will kill any bacteria on my skin. Skipping the shower before the pool is not a good idea even though chlorine is an effective disinfectant…especially if it’s your own swimming pool! Shampoo, conditioner, lotion, sunblock, perfume, urine and makeup can leave behind residue which binds with chlorine and causes the formation of chloramines. Chloramines are what cause the stinky pool odor and are the main cause of skin and eye irritation. Showering and eliminating the organic bacteria from your hair and skin before entering the pool will dramatically reduce the formation of chloramines, and your overall pool maintenance experience will improve. Try Doheny’s outdoor solar shower for added convenience or our clearance aluminum outdoor shower while it’s still available!

4) The pool water looks clean, so my swimming pool must be bacteria-free. Microorganisms are appropriately named because they are small and invisible to the eye. Although your pool may appear to be clean, it is important to check and test pool water for any chemical imbalance. Buildup from hygiene products, lotions and sweat can take days to manifest into cloudy pool water, so be sure to add chlorine or bromine regularly and shock treat your swimming pool to eliminate pesky chloramines during the summertime.

5) If you pee in the pool, then people will know. There isn’t a miracle chemical that dyes the water red or purple when a child goes to the bathroom in the swimming pool, but parents and swim coaches everywhere have used this scare tactic on children for years. We do think it is a pretty effective method for preventing accidents in the pool; however, it is entirely false. If this were true, then you would see a lot of public kiddie pools with crimson-colored pool water! That being said, a clean pool makes for a happy swimmer. Doheny’s won’t hold it against you if you keep the myth going for the greater good of swimmers everywhere!

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