Solar Cover Installation-Bubble Side Up or Down?

by admin on June 14, 2013

Do you Install Your Solar Pool Cover with the Bubble Side Up or Down?  

Solar Cover upclose

That is a valid question many pool owners both experienced and novice, need the answer to. In our humble opinion, ‘bubble side down’ is the best way to heat your pool water (by trapping more of the sun’s rays and preserving your chemical content.) In this way, the UV rays from the sun will heat the bubbles and then transfer them to your pool water. Since the bubbles are facing down directly into your pool, it heats them that much faster. Overall, this seems to be the best answer that we can give you.

For those that prefer ‘bubble side up’ the process to heat up your pool water, might take longer and eventually damage the bubbles themselves. This is because the bubbles that retain the heat are not facing the water directly. They are just over heating in the sun with nowhere to go. In other words, the sun’s rays need to flow through another layer of the cover before it can reach the water supply.

If you are looking for a faster solution overall, bubble side down seems to be the way to go. Think of solar pool covers as a thermal blanket for your pool. In order for it to heat up a large area in a short span of time it needs something to reflect directly off the sun’s UV rays. As the sun heats up the cover, it begins to heat up the water lying directly beneath it, and depending on how long you keep the cover in the water, it will last well into the evening when the temperatures start to cool off. Whichever way you bubble, we wish you a fun and relaxing time in the pool!

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