Summer Bathing Suit Trends

by admin on July 13, 2011

retro swimwearBathing suit trends these days are much kinder to the rest of us who don’t look like supermodels. Gone are the days when men needed to sport neon Speedos to be considered stylish on the beach (which is as much a relief to the men wearing this universally unflattering swimwear item as it is for those looking at them).

Retro looks are making a comeback in swimwear, especially for women. Look for features such as high-waisted briefs, ruffle-embellished halter tops and shirred one-piece suits, which nod to the 1940s pinup look. (photo courtesy of

More sophisticated, grown-up looking suits for women are making appearances in department stores. These classy and retro bathing suits are perfect for “formal” evening pool parties—think “Mad Men” by the pool. Set the mood with a bit of music by the pool and you’ll be set up for a
fabulous evening.

For men and women, board shorts are a popular choice. Board shorts have their roots in board-related summer sports, like surfing. For surfers, these long shorts serve a purpose: they keep the leg hair of the surfer from getting stuck in the sticky wax that surfers use on their boards to increase grip. The wax can rip the hair off a surfer’s leg, and the
shorts create a barrier and prevent inadvertent leg hair
waxing sessions.

volcom boardshortsIn addition to their utility, they’re also a comfortable choice for men who prefer a longer, more casual fit. Men may choose to wear board shorts as a swimming suit or as a pair of shorts. The water-beading properties of many board shorts make them a good clothing choice for cleaning the pool. (photo courtesy of

As Bermuda shorts have become trendy for women, board shorts offer a looser alternative. Bermuda shorts are nearly knee length, but tend to fit the leg closely. Board shorts are approximately the same length, but fit loosely, which some women prefer. Board shorts can be worn by themselves either as a swimsuit bottom or as shorts, or over a bikini bottom as a cover-up for around the pool.

Surf culture has been a strong influence on the summer-wear industry for several years now. Accessories like Rainbow or Reef flip flops are very popular, along with traditionally surf-related brands like QuikSilver or Roxy.

The biggest trend for anyone, regardless of age, weight or sex, is getting a bathing suit that flatters and fits well. The hottest trend will invariably look awful if it fits poorly, and a very boring swimsuit that flatters the person wearing it can look like a million bucks.

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