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by admin on June 9, 2011

Swimming Workouts and Pool Exercises Exercising in swimming pools doesn’t have to feel like a torturous workout. It can be enjoyable and fun for the family. Water workouts can be done in above ground pools as well as inground pools.

Water is one of the best ways to work out: it provides resistance and supports some of your weight, reducing stress on joints that can cause injury. Exercising in water is a great low-impact way for people who are out of shape or obese to get fit.

The best part about water exercises is that they burn a higher number of calories in a shorter amount of time. Treading water vigorously can burn 11 calories a minute, same as a six-mile-per-hour run.

Tips to get started with your water exercise:

For most water workouts, don’t go deeper than waist high water. This allows your muscles to support more of your weight, giving you a better water workout.

Keep good posture while working out. This allows your lungs to open up and receive more oxygen.

Drink water! You can still get dehydrated in a pool.

Talk with your doctor about starting any exercise routine. If you feel light headed, or strange pains or strains, stop the workout, rest, and call for help.

Swimming Workout #1 – Jogging in Place – Burn up to 17 Calories per minute
In waist high water, jog in place for one to three minute intervals. Start slow and work your way into longer and faster jogging intervals. Do one interval then alternate with a less cardio charged water exercise. If you have troubles feeling stable, use a kickboard straight out in front of you and rest your hands on it.

Swimming Workout #2 – Pool Plank – Strengthen Core and Upper Body
Use pool stairs or a ladder to place both palms on face down. Your body should be mostly underwater and your chin above water, with arms straight as if you are about to do a push up. Hold this position for one to two minutes. For a more intense water workout try the “Stair Star” in the SELF Fitness water exercise video on You Tube.

Swimming Workout #3 – Water Crunches – Strengthen Abdominals
Stand a couple feet away form the pool wall. Squat into the water and start treading water with your arms. Lift legs up and tap toes on the pool coping then bring your knees to your chest and push your toes back to the pool coping. Repeat this motion for 5 reps. Rest and repeat 3 sets.

Swimming Workout #4 – Pool Surfing – Target and Tone all Muscles
*This workout is for deeper water and strictly for people comfortable in the deep end of the pool. Use a swim kickboard and place it under your feet and stand up as if you are surfing on it. Once in a standing position, bend your knees back up and then push the board back down. Repeat this motion for 10 reps.

Swimming Workout #5 – Water Hop – Tone Legs and Abs
Stand on one leg and hop to the right then to the left. Make sure to bend your knees high to target the abdominal muscles. Do 10 repetitions on each leg.

Swimming Workout #6 – Pool Dip – Strengthens Arms and Shoulders

Stand along the pool wall with your belly button facing the wall. Place your palms down on the outside of the pool and jump up, pushing your self up. Allow your self to fall back down and as you tap the your toes on the bottom of the pool, quickly jump and push yourself back up and out of the water. This is like a reversible pushup. You are using the pool edge to do dips in the pool.

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Swim Workouts June 9, 2011 at 8:21 pm

These are some creative in the pool exercises. As a competitive swimmer you don’t really see these type of workouts too often. Refreshing to see a different take on working out.


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