Three Types of Pool Filters

by admin on March 9, 2011

When first launching into the world of pool ownership, there are a variety of pool maintenance basics thatPool Sand Filter must be learned. While sometimes overlooked, learning about your pool filter, how to properly maintain it, and how it functions should be part of your pool ownership fundamentals. In this post we provide a quick introduction to 3 types of pool filters available – sand filters, DE pool filters, and cartridge pool filters.

Sand Filter: As one of the most common types of pool filters, it’s quite likely you’re new pool might be utilizing a sand filter. Sand filters work by using sand (hence the name…) as a filter medium to pull dirt and other tiny particles out of your pool water. As the water is forced through the sand, it’s able to move through relatively uninhibited while particles are caught in the grains. As the sand mixes with more and more pool contaminants, the pressure on your pump begins to grow and you’ll need to clean out your filter utilizing your pool pump and filters cleaning instructions.

Cartridge Filter: While cartridge filters function in a similar fashion to sand filters – a filter material is utilized to pull debris out of your pool water – they utilize a larger filter area (as well as a different filter material) to accomplish the task, and thus require less maintenance. Cartridge pool filters utilize a variety of filter elements/materials creating a wide range in quality. Generally, less expensive filters will ware out faster then cartridge filters made from higher quality materials, which can last closer to 5 years before they need to be changed.

DE Filter: DE (Diatomaceous Earth) filters are the strongest filters of the three types. Diatomaceous earth acts as numerous tiny sieves that pull out tiny particles in your pool water (as small as 5 microns). While DE filters do an excellent job of filtering water, they often require higher levels of pressure to function and thus may lead to system inefficiencies and weakened flow. Maintaining a DE pool filter usually requires a backwash (similar to a sand filter) and a recharge of DE powder. DE powder is usually added as a slurry into the skimmer so that it can flow through the system and coat the internal filter area.

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