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Which Is Best: Solid or Mesh?

As the weather gets cooler and the leaves begin to change, it time to close down your pool, winterize it, and ensure that it’s properly secured for next season.  A big part of the pool closing process is choosing the right safety cover.  Here at Doheny's, we have a large selection of solid and mesh safety pool covers that provide the safety and protection that your pool needs during the cooler fall and winter weather, without the added work that traditional winter covers require.

Why Choose a Mesh Safety Cover?

Safety covers are less work than traditional winter covers, because they don’t require water bags and they don’t have to be pumped off in the spring. Read to learn more about the differences between mesh covers and solid covers and how they could benefit your pool.

  • - Mesh safety covers are made from polypropylene mesh fabric and are cheaper than solid safety covers

  • - The material used to make mesh safety covers is very light and easy to install and maintain

  • - Mesh safety covers allow water to pass through, eliminating standing water

  • - Pool safety covers made from mesh also allow sunlight to pass through, which is what algae feeds on.  It also lets fine particles pass through.  

NOTE: If you use a mesh cover, be sure to vacuum your pool when opening and treat for algae growth.

Why Choose a Solid Safety Cover?


  • - Solid safety covers are made with a solid vinyl, laminated polyester fabric coated material

  • - Solid safety covers offer 100% sunlight blockage, inhibiting algae growth.

  • - Pools with solid safety covers are usually cleaner come spring than pools with mesh safety covers, mainly due to the inability of sunlight and small particle pass   thru.

  • - Solid safety covers are more expensive and heavier than mesh safety covers.

Solid covers do have a special mesh drain panel in the center constructed of a finer mesh to filter out most particles. However, you will notice standing water on the cover after a heavy rainfall, as the center drain panel is slow draining since it is constructed of a finer mesh panel.

Once you've found the right safety cover for your pool, make sure that you get the right size and that you take care of it when not in use. With proper care and storage, your safety cover should provide multiple season of protection for your pool.

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