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Pool Clarifiers- Is it Really Clean?

It's extremely important to keep your pool water clean and clear by using pool clarifiers and pool cleaning chemicals. Not only does cloudy water look bad, but it can indicate the presence of bacteria and other unwanted elements, increasing the risk of injury. Even with the use of a pool filter system, your water may still appear cloudy due to remaining particles (silt, algae, oils, minerals and more) that are too small for your filters to properly dispose of.

Swimming pool clarifiers and enzymes offer two different approaches to clearing these remaining contaminants from your water. The eco-friendly approach uses the power of natural enzymes; which eliminate organic particles by breaking them down. Also great at fighting stains, pool enzymes can also work to reduce phosphates that encourage algae growth. We offer many different enzyme-based treatments from popular brands such as Natural Chemistry and more.

The other option, chemical pool clarifiers, works to clump various particles together so your swimming pool filter traps and gets rid of them right away. Check out our Doheny’s Water Clarifier and Flocculent, these pool chemicals work fast to get rid of suspended debris and bring crystal clear water in no time.

Enjoy the visual appeal of a clear and sparkling pool, by maintaining water clarity using the expert advice from Doheny’s Pool Supplies Fast.