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Thinking About Purchasing a Spa?

You have a pool, but now you’re thinking warmer. You’re looking for something that your family and friends can utilize even in the coldest months. It’s time to start thinking about purchasing your very own spa! It might seem like a daunting venture in the beginning, but here at Doheny’s Pool Supplies Fast, we want to make this process as easy for you as we possibly can. Read on to find out how to select the right spa that specifically meets your needs.

1. Energy Efficient Hot Tubs- As a future hot tub owner, you might want to consider the energy efficiency of the product before you purchase it. You want this hot tub to last you for many years, and to do so it requires maintenance. You might want to ask yourself the following questions to stay ‘green’:

a. Is the spa you are thinking of purchasing completely insulated for added warmth? Or, is it fully foamed instead?

b. Finances- how much will your monthly operating costs be? This might also depend on what time of year you decide to open and use your hot tub. It will vary between the warmer and colder months (depending on where you live.)

2. Easy to Use- In order to pick the right hot tub for you, you need to consider the maintenance that may/may not be involved with your purchase. If you are someone that doesn't want to deal with the upkeep, and utilize the tub a few times a year; those are factors that can change your decision at any time. You might want to ask yourself:

a. Is there an automated water care system? - This might be easier for the individual that doesn't have the time to sit around and fill up their tub manually. With an automatic water care system, it would put their mind at ease fast.

b .Does the spa have No-Bypass filtration? - Filtration is key to keeping your water clear and clean for all that use it. Consider your filtration options before you proceed.

c. Is the spa water filtered 24 hrs. a day? - This is definitely something to think about. Stagnant water breeds bacteria and algae. You don’t want to clean that mess. A proper filter will make sure you never have to deal with the green stuff.

d. What type of hot tub pump do you prefer? - You might want to check and see if the spa you are about to purchase has loud jet pumps or a quiet circulation pump. This of course, is entirely to your discretion as to which pump works best for you.

e. How are you going to keep your water soft and clean?-If you are manually filling the hot tub and you have hard water, you might want to consider purchasing water softener.

3. There’s More Than Just Water- Obviously, hot tubs are great for parties and to relieve overall stress. In order to keep your stress level down, you should look into what features will keep you happy and meet your every need.

a. Does the spa have an entertainment-ready system? - If you are looking to throw parties with your family and friends, you can purchase a spa with enhanced features to add a music system or even a TV! These might be some options to consider.

b. Can you customize the hot tub with a faux stone cabinet or would you like to surround the spa with a material of your choosing? - This option might depend on the location of your spa. Would you like to place it in/outdoors? If indoors, would you like to coordinate it with the decor? If outdoors, does the material around the hot tub matter as much to you? Just some food for thought.

c. What type of lighting are you looking for? - If you are looking for a simple lighting technique for your spa, then maybe just the underwater light works for you. However, if you prefer colored lights, and jet lights to outline the perimeter of your spa, additional lighting might be the best option for you.

4. Hydrotherapy Options- Stepping into your future spa sounds mighty enticing after a long hard day at the office, right? Now, you can come home to warm, therapeutic, jet filled water. Stress relief and spas are a great pair. In order to make the best decision, you need to figure out what type of jet streams work best for you.

a. Does the spa offer a wide variety of hydro massage jets to target all of your muscle groups? - Now you can ask yourself and your loved ones, where does it hurt? Do you need jets aimed in between the shoulder blades from sitting at a computer desk all day? Or, do you need jets towards your lower back if you've been lifting heavy equipment for the last few hours? Your body pretty much does the talking here, and it is a good idea to listen to its aches and pains. Follow your muscles and let them decide the location of your water jets.

b. Do you have the ability to divert water to different jet combinations? Basically, are you looking to have the jets stream water from different areas of the spa, or do you prefer isolated jet streams instead? If you are looking for massages at one end of the hot tub vs. an overall jet stream- this is something to at least look in to.

c. Are you sensitive to strong jet streams? - If sitting in one place right over a jet stream becomes painful after a while, you might want a spa that allows you to control the jet air flow. This way, you have the power to decide how fast the water deploys throughout the hot tub. The power is truly at your fingertips!

5. Warranty- No one likes to dwell on the negative after purchasing such an enjoyable commodity for your home. If your spa doesn't have a backed warranty included in the manufacturer’s manual, and an important part breaks in the future? You might be in a situation that could have easily been avoided in the first place.

a. What spa parts are specifically covered under warranty and how long is it? - You want your spa to hopefully last you a lifetime. No one wants to deal with faulty, broken parts that they need to replace and spend money on later. Be sure the spa you choose has the best warranty available if something like that should happen.

b. Does the manufacturer’s warranty compare well with other spa brands?- If you decide to ask for quotes from other manufacturers and you sit down to compare and contrast the different warranties available to you; does your final choice have the longest warranty for your immediate needs? Are there any limitations or exclusions you need to be aware of? The obvious choice is the longest warranty direct from the manufacturer, with little to no limitations and exclusions.

c. Do you know if there is a No Fault® heater warranty? - Not too many people want a cold spa after a stressful week. You want to be sure the heater on your spa is up to par and working when you need it the most. It might be a good idea to at least check if it has the heater warranty mentioned above. You don’t want to get caught ‘cold handed.’

6. Test Your Spa- You can drive a car and tour a home before you make the final purchase. Why shouldn't you be able to test out your spa as well? Give your local spa dealer a call to arrange an in-store appointment for you and your family. If you like what you observe, you’re probably one step closer to buying your dream spa. There are still a few points to consider:

a. Do you trust your spa dealer? - All relationships both professional and personal are based off trust. If you can’t ask your dealer the crucial questions to purchasing your first spa, then test it elsewhere. You don’t want to commit to a company that doesn't value your needs.

b. How do you want your spa to sound? - As mentioned earlier, are you looking for louder or quieter jets throughout the tub? While you test it, you will have a first-hand experience as to how it works before you ‘sign on the dotted line.’

c. Are the seats comfortable?- If the seats are too hard and you start aching after a few short minutes, then that spa is not for you. You want to select the most comfortable option out there so you can thoroughly enjoy relaxing in your new hot tub.

7. Research, Research, Research- Obviously, before you make a big purchase you want to weigh your options, the pros, and the cons before a final decision is made. As far as spas are concerned, it might be difficult to select and find a quote directly on line. If this is turning out to be more trying than it should be, simply give your spa dealer a call directly and either request the quote over the phone or online to be sure you receive the most accurate price.