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How To Pool Maintenance: Everything you need to know about maintaining your pool

Quick Care Schedule

Test Pool Water-Use a pool water test kit to test sanitizer levels, pH levels, and alkalinity levels. It is crucial to the safety of your family, friends, and even neighbors that you continuously monitor the levels of the chemicals mentioned above. Without proper care, your pool water could develop bacteria and/or algae instead of an excited group of people ready to jump in.

Add Chlorine or Bromine-Add sanitizers as needed- depending on where chlorine and bromine rank via your test strips, you have the option to either increase or decrease the dosage directly into the water.

Adjust pH and Alkalinity Levels-Add balancers as needed- the pH and alkalinity levels maintain the look and feel of your pool water. Check out ‘Pool Chemicals Explained’ if the pH and/or alkalinity levels are too high they can irritate not only swimmers in your pool; it can also ruin your pool equipment as well.

Check Skimmer Basket-Clear debris from skimmer basket to help keep pool water circulating and “fresh”- no one wants to look at or deal with cloudy pool water. You don’t eat with dirty forks, right? Same theory applies here, the cleaner your pool equipment remains, the cleaner your water will be.

Weekly Care-Shock Pool Water-Use Shock to super sanitize pool water and quickly raise the chlorine level- if for some reason your chlorine or bromine levels are abnormally low; it is time to ‘shock’ them back into shape to maintain healthy, clear water. Shock will decrease the effects of contaminants such as: hair spray, sun tan lotion, and too much sunlight, etc.

Add Algaecide-Add a weekly dosage of algaecide to prevent and control algae-algae is an unwelcome guest to your summertime fun. If left untreated, it can return at the most inconvenient times. If you observe even the smallest trace of algae, consider purchasing our algaecides to get rid of it fast.

Add Metal Out-Add a weekly dosage of Metal Out to sequester metal particles- depending on where you live the levels of copper/iron might vary in your water supply. If it’s higher than normal, you might need to purchase this product to even out the metal content in your water supply.

Add Clarifier-Add a weekly dosage of clarifier to prevent cloudy water.-if you’re throwing pool parties and/or barbeques this summer, you want to show off and use your pool! Well, cloudy water is not a very enticing sight. If this becomes an issue for you; feel free to purchase water clarifier. The clarifier is similar to conditioner for your hair. This will get rid of the cloudiness and replace the pool water right back to its natural, clear state.

8 Safety Tips for Chemical Use

1.Open all chlorine products outdoors to avoid breathing fumes

2.Follow directions on label at all times

3.Read all warning statements on product labels

4.Never mix multiple chemicals…a violent reaction can occur

5.Never add water to chemicals…add chemicals to water

6.When Handling chemicals use clean, dry utensils

7.After handling chemicals wash hands thoroughly

8.Store chemicals in a cool dry place and keep sealed

Keep chemicals away from children!