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Green Pool Water: Troubleshooting

Why is My Pool Water Green?

Having a swimming pool in your backyard can be incredibly rewarding, as long as you are willing to put in some time maintaining it and being on the lookout for signs of trouble. One sure sign that there is a problem with your pool is green pool water, as this indicates the presence of unhealthy algae and can be a big attraction to pests like mosquitoes. If you've got green water in your pool and aren't sure where it came from, we've got some helpful information that will help you get your pool water back to it’s beautiful and clear state.


Tools You’ll Need:

Causes of Green Pool Water

1. Overgrowth of algae: If you notice that your pool water has become hazy and cloudy, with or without a green tint, then you likely have a problem with algae. Since algae plants are naturally inclined to develop and grow in water, your pool offers the optimum growing environment if you aren't using the right pool chemicals. Pool water that has been affected by algae may also look more blue-green or have a yellowish tint. Either way, if you leave algae to grow unchecked in your pool, it can lead to extensive damage to the pool surface and your pool's filtration system.

2. Poor sanitation: If you aren't keeping your water clean, there are all sorts of bacteria that can develop which can also lead to algae formation. During the hot summer months when there are more swimmers using the pool and your pool filter begins working overtime, water can start to turn green in between cleanings due to the increased amount of germs and bacteria that are introduced. This will happen fairly quickly when a pool is seeing significantly more use without increasing the cleaning schedule, so it’s important to always clean your pool more often when more swimmers are using it.

3. Too much landscaping around the pool: One common source of green water is having too many trees and plants growing nearby the pool. If you have too much vegetation and trees over and around your pool, it can reduce the amount of sunlight that gets in and lead to algae growth.

4. Chemicals used in lawn and gardening tasks: Do you use chemicals on your lawn and in your yard? Keep in mind that products like these often have a high level of phosphates and nitrates in them and can lead to problems with your pool water. Consider switching to a lower phosphate level or to an organic compound if you are experiencing problems with the regular products.

5. Big rainstorms: It may be hard to believe, but a big enough rainstorm can definitely affect how clean your pool is. If you experience a big storm with a large amount of rain, try adding additional chlorine and pool sanitizer afterwards in order to prevent algae development.

Treating Green Pool Water


To clean green pool water:

  • 1. Test the pool chemicals and adjust them if necessary.
  • 2. Run the filter for 12-24 hours and repeat the test. Adjust accordingly.
  • 3. Make sure the pool surfaces and pool filter are clean.
  • 4. Add Pool Algaecide

When you take care of your pool the right way, you should never see green water again! However, if you've fallen behind on cleanings, have let your trees overhang the pool area or are allowing your lawn and garden chemicals to interfere with your backyard pool environment, our helpful tips should help you get your pool water back to looking fresh, clean and inviting.

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