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Installing Water Bags: Double Chamber Pool Closing Tips

Double Chamber Water Bag Installation

It is time to close your inground pool for the winter months, and you are looking for all possible options and products to make sure your winter pool cover is secure and well protected from the elements and any dirt and debris that could potentially cause wear and tear over time.

Here at Doheny’s Pool Supplies Fast we have double chamber water tube bags and other winter pool closing accessories that can do just that! Read on to find out just how easy it is to install them for your pool cover. You won’t regret it and neither will your pool guests next year.


Tools You'll Need:

Why Double Chamber Water Bags?

Double chamber water bags are sturdier than your average single chamber water bag. You do not have to worry about them rolling or splitting like a lighter single chamber bag might. Due to their weight and the amount of water you need to fill them with, it just shouldn’t become an issue.

The goal of the double chamber water bag is to keep your inground pool cover firm and secure in any type of weather. If instead you opt for bricks, water blocks, or even other types of weights; there’s no way to tell how much damage could be done if they happen to fall into the pool. If it does damage your liner significantly, then repair and reinstallation could be an expensive headache for you in the long run.

How to Install:

  • - Lay the bags end to end to completely surround the swim area of your pool
  • - Place the water bags approximately 18 inches from the inside edge.
  • - This will insure that no wind or other weather can sneak in and blow debris underneath your winter cover
  • - Fill the water bags with a garden hose, filling each bag just to the point of being full to allow room for the
      water to expand when frozen.
  • - If freezing is a big issue where you live, sdd pool antifreeze to the bags.

Note: If you fill the bags more than the recommended amount the bag could tear apart as the temperatures start to drop.

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