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Pool Winterizing: Protecting Winter Pool Covers

How to Keep Your Pool Cover Safe During Winter

As an above ground pool owner, there are certain steps you need to take to keep your winter cover secure and ready for next year. When colder weather arrives, no one can guarantee just how severe it can get. Depending on where you live, this will either increase or decrease the preventative measures you need to take to keep your pool sanitary and swim ready for next year. If your area tends to deal with a lot of ice, then you want to pay close attention to the steps below. Read on to find out how to keep your pool cover safe in cold weather as no one wants to deal with torn pool liners, covers, or broken pool walls during the pool opening season.

Step 1. Just add water!

It’s a good idea to make sure that there is approximately 1-3 inches of water directly on the top of your pool cover. This will act as a weight and keep the cover from flying off if wind blows through the area. You might want to consider pool clips as another quick option to securing the cover. They are easy to install for pool closing season and easy to remove for pool opening season. 

Step 2. Use a Winter Cover Pump

Use a winter cover pool pump to remove additional water that might weigh the cover down and cause it to collapse into your pool. Keep an eye on your cover during in climate weather and make sure that water, leaves, and branches in the fall aren’t weighing it down. As the colder weather creeps in, snow and ice will become your main concern if the region you live in produces it. If you happen to notice large amounts of snow and ice on your cover, remove it slowly so as not to cause further damage to the area.

Step 3. Observe & Remove

No matter where you live, keep on checking the cover to be sure that Mother Nature hasn’t dumped snow, ice, or other organic elements on it to weigh your hard work down.  Having a watchful eye is a great way to stop unpredictable scenarios in their tracks. A little water on the cover never hurt anyone, but piles of snow won’t make it easier to open your pool for next year.

Step 4. Catch & Release

If the weight of the ice and snow on top of your cover is starting to bring it down directly into your pool, there could be potential damage to the frame of the pool as well. If this occurs, we recommend releasing the cover straight into your pool. This is a last resort, but it will also prevent more tension and damage to the cover overall. However, if you notice water leaking into the pool beforehand, check out our cover repair kits to avoid a potential collapse.

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