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Pool Closing: Protecting Pool Covers from Snow

How to Protect Your Pool Cover From Heavy Snow

For those that live in areas that have heavy snow falls during the winter months, then there are additional precautions that need to be taken with winter pool covers. No matter what type of pool you are closing (inground or above ground), it is important to constantly observe the condition of your cover and prevent unnecessary and costly damage from taking place. To be sure that this doesn’t happen, read on to find out some pool pro tips on protecting not only your cover, but your pool as well.


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Maintain a Reasonable Water Level

To make sure that the pool cover doesn’t collapse into the pool during winter, maintain a reasonable water level. Double check it to make sure it rests approximately halfway up the skimmer box. This creates equilibrium between the water pressure in the pool and the weight of the snow on top of the pool cover. If the water level is too low, then you risk pool floor and liner damage if the cover falls in.

Remove Water with a Pool Cover Pump

Consider purchasing a pool cover pump to help remove excess water from the top of the winter cover. If you notice a thin layer of water on the pool cover, retrieve your cover pump and remove it quickly. When the temperatures in your area really start to decrease, the water will freeze and cause it to fall through instead. All you need to do is observe the cover on a daily basis and make sure that too much water isn’t collecting on top. If you notice a large amount of water collecting, removing the pool cover pump as soon as possible is key.

Use Caution When Removing Snow from Pool Covers

If you have an inground pool, the weight of the snow may cause your cover to stretch and as this continues, it will create small tears and holes over time. If you own an above ground pool, then the snow on top of your cover will begin to pull and stretch your pool walls towards the middle. This particular type of damage is rather expensive, because you now have to worry about the pool wall, pool liner and pool fence all breaking under the pressure.

If you have either a cheap pool cover or a more expensive cover, you need to remove the snow gently from either one, although pricier pool covers are made with better quality materials and will probably last longer. Use a regular broom to gently brush the snow off the cover. Do not push or move the snow in a rough manner as this may result in damage in the long run. We do not recommend using a shovel or any object with sharp edges. If a sharp object pushes against the cover, you risk tearing it all the way through.

By following these helpful tips, you can get the most out of your pool cover all winter long, even if you live in an area that experiences heavy snows. The keys to remember are to start with a high quality pool cover and to regularly inspect the area all winter long for signs of damage. Doing so will make it much easier to open your pool for next year’s swimming season, and will help to protect your pool from damage.

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