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How to Store a Pool Vacuum: Pool Closing Storage Tips

Tips for Storing Your Pool Vaccum During Winter

Now that pool closing season has arrived and the temperatures have begun to drop, you want to make sure all of your pool cleaning equipment is stowed away and ready for use next year. If you opt to use a pool vacuum instead of an automatic pool cleaner, then the cleaning and storing process will be slightly different. You need to be aware of both the weather and the area in which you store the pool vacuum in order to keep it intact and ready to use for years to come. You can save money by taking care of your pool vacuum now, instead of worrying about holes and tears forming in the future.


Clean the Pool Vacuum Hose

Before you can even think about storing your pool vacuum, you need to make sure there is no residual water. Feel free to drain as much water as you possibly can. If you live in an area where the temperatures drop drastically and there is still leftover water in the hose, you risk the water expanding and eventually breaking it.


Read the Pool Vacuum Manual

Before you take apart your swimming pool vacuum and leave it to fend for itself in your backyard shed, take a look at the manufacturer’s manual first. It might give you some insight as to how to thoroughly clean out your pool vacuum hose. The manual may tell you not to coil the vacuum’s hose when you are ready to store it, as this could create needless kinks as well as wear and tear throughout the equipment.

Keep the Pool Vacuum Hose Straight

Keep the vacuum hose as straight as you possibly can, this way you won’t waste time trying to straighten it out again come next year. It could take anywhere from a few hours to a couple of days (depending on the size of the section that is coiled) before it is completely straight again. If need be, lay the hose straight in the sun to dry it out completely.

Apart is Better

Overall, taking the hose apart piece by piece is an easier solution than dealing with it in its full size. When the pieces are divided, you can store them in a more organized fashion. You can even utilize plastic storage boxes to keep them clean and drill holes in the bottom to drain excess water away from the area.

After you clean and dry your pool vacuum’s hose and cleaner, you can officially put it away in a safe, dry place for the colder months. When pool opening season arrives next year, you will be ready to go with a clean, clear pool for your family and friends.


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