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Automatic Pool Cleaners Troubleshooting Tips

Common Automatic Pool Cleaner Issues

In both home and commercial pools, automatic pool cleaners play a critical role in ensuring the pool is running as efficiently and cleanly as possible. When there’s a problem with your pool cleaner that prevents it from working as well as it should, you’ll quickly begin to notice things like cloudy water after a cleaning cycle or problems with the suction or pressure. While it can be tough to troubleshoot a pool cleaner when you are new to using one, it is possible when you know a little bit about what the problem might be. Read on for our helpful tips on troubleshooting automatic pool cleaners.


Problem #1: The cleaner isn’t moving

Check for small pebbles and pieces of wood that can get stuck in the unit. If your pool cleaner has a belt, it’s a good idea to also check for any tears or areas of extreme wear, which could indicate that’s it’s time for a replacement. Also, make sure the pump and filter are clear of any clogging debris, as this can make a pool cleaner stop.

Problem #2: The cleaner has gotten stuck in one spot

This is one of the most common problems reported by owners of automatic pool cleaners. If the pool cleaner is stuck trying to clean the same spot over and over again, make sure that the hose is long enough and that the cleaner’s backup valve is working correctly. If your pool ladder is causing problems with an automatic pool cleaner, try using a simple ladder guard to prevent the cleaner from stopping.

Problem #3: The cleaner runs very slowly

If your pool cleaner is taking an exceptionally long time to complete a cycle, then you may have a belt problem, or there could be a problem with the wheel bearings, tires and tracks. Check the unit carefully for any signs of damage, making sure to check the feed hose for any cracks that could be leading to loss of water pressure.

Problem #4: The cleaner hoses easily tangles during use

A pool cleaner house that’s too long for the pool can easily get tangled, as can those that have overly waterlogged hose floats. Replace the hose floats, check that all swivels are working correctly and avoid wrapping the house too late during the off season.

Take care of your pool cleaner and it will take good care of your pool!

When you properly maintain and care for an automatic pool cleaner, they can last through many pool seasons of use. Take the time to check for problems and look for signs that there’s a problem whenever the pool cleaner is running, and store your pool vacuum and vaccum hose safely an securely to prevent damage when not in use.

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