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Pool Cleaning: Troubleshooting Robotic Cleaners

Tips for Troubleshooting Robotic Pool Cleaners

Robotic pool cleaners are easily the most efficient way to clean your pool. In order to insure an easy pool opening for next year, you need to physically clean the pool first and make sure your robotic pool cleaner is ready to grab everything else that is left over. If you are experiencing problems with your pool cleaner, there are some basic troubleshooting steps you can follow to resolve them. Read on for some handy tips in identifying potential problems.

Step 1. Check the Power Cord

The first step when you notice that your pool cleaner isn't working is to check the power cord.  As a pool owner you need to be sure you allow enough slack in the cord to let the robot move the entire length of the pool. If there is a knot or an issue with the cord itself and no one is around to alleviate the problem, your pool might not receive the full clean that it should. A good rule of thumb, as far as your pool cord is concerned, is to be sure that it is approximately twice the length of your pool. Once you have that information established, it might be a good idea to at least keep an eye on the machine to make sure no hiccups occur along the way.


Step 2. Check the Filter

The best feature your little pool robot can offer you is its self-contained and very easy to maneuver and clean filter. A robotic pool cleaner can clean itself as it scrubs down and thoroughly takes care of any issues within your pool. If you notice that it doesn’t seem to be following the clean path as it should, simply check the filter and if need be, replace it. If you have any further questions as to the type of filter that needs to be installed, check out the manufacturer’s user manual for more detailed information. There, you will find specific instructions on how to properly install the filter.

Step 3. Check the Motor & Belts

Double check the motor while it is partially in the water to see if water is being filtered out the top of it. If water is moving throughout the cleaner then you can conclude the pump is actually working. However, if no water is being released from the top of the machine then quickly check the belts and wheels to be sure they are in the right position. If one of the belts isn’t in the exact groove or right place, this might be why the cleaner isn’t moving along the bottom of the pool. Now, you need to take a look at the pulley which is directly inside of the motor. If the pulley isn’t cooperating as it should be, then consider checking out the manufacturer’s manual or our repair parts section to see what areas of the machine you need to replace.

Step 4. Check the Water Pump

If all else fails, take a look at the water pump itself. This is a very common/potential issue that is easily resolved. Just take the cleaner partially out of the water and check to see if water is gushing out of the top portion. If you don’t see any type of movement flowing throughout the machine, the fan very well might be blocked with some type of debris. Now, take the cleaner completely out of the pool (NOTE: do not pull by the power cord, always reach into the water and gently lift it out.)


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