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How-to Maintenance: How to Use a Pool Winter Kit

How to Winterize Your Pool

If you decide to plan ahead you can save yourself headaches come spring. Go ahead and choose from our large selection of Winterizing Kits and Supplies to close your swimming pool. Our pool chemicals are easy to use, yet effective. Try our pool winterizing pill – it floats in your pool, right under the cover, all winter long! It keeps your water clear and healthy. Or maybe you need a pool winterizing kit. Select our value or master pool closing kits that protect against stains, fading, and reduce algae. Forget the hefty post-winter pool chemical treatments, choose prevention and get your pool up and running for next summer. Doheny’s Pool Supplies Fast can help you keep your pool in tip top shape. We make sure that closing your pool is easy! Read on for some easy winterization tips:

1.Pool Chemicals- This is the first and most important step to make sure your water is clean and healthy for next year. Make sure your pH, alkalinity and calcium levels are balanced and exactly where they need to be. If you do not observe this step, you risk corrosion of your pool equipment, scale stains along your pool liner, and potential algae or bacteria build up along the way. Is this something you want to open your pool with next year? We didn’t think so. Keep your pH level between 7.2 and 7.6. Your alkalinity should be between 80-120 ppm. The calcium level needs to be anywhere between 180-220ppm.

2.Shock It- Depending on your preference (a chlorine or non-chlorine based pool) you will need to come up with a substitute for the latter of course. It is always a good idea to ‘shock’ your pool water before the winterization process is complete. You need to be sure all left over bacteria and algae is completely removed from the area. Doheny’s Pool Winterization Kits have 1lb. of Non-Chlorine Oxi Shock available to you for this very purpose.

3.Winter Algaecide- Consider adding algaecide to your pool after the shock is complete. This is a great way to kill and remove algae that might already be in your water and it’s a perfect preventative measure to insure more do not start to bloom and multiply. Once algae are in full bloom, it could potentially discolor your pool and create a nasty smell when you open it up for next year. Check your chlorine levels; the only way the algaecide can work effectively is if the level returns to 1-3ppm before you add it.