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Spa Winterizing: Home Spa Tips

How to Winterize a Home Spa

The winter months are here, and it’s time to winterize your spa! Depending on where you live, you have the option to leave a home spa open during the colder months, but if your region experiences freezing temperatures, then it is a good idea to properly clean and take care of your spa’s plumbing lines, filter, and pump before the temperatures drop.  Read on to find out how to winterize a spa the right way!


Step 1. Drain the Spa

Turn off the control valves and make sure your water supply is completely shut off. Open all of the jets located in your spa and drain the water directly from the tub. In order to drain all of the water out properly, you can use a garden hose or purchase a submersible spa and pool pump, which may get the job done faster.


Step 2. Shut Off the Power

Once the water has been removed from the spa, unplug it from the power source and turn off the heater and power button nearby. You will also need to turn off the circuit breaker to make sure no electrical element of the spa is still running.

Step 3. Drain Residual Water

Now you will need to remove the cabinet panel which is located in front of the spa. Open up the spigot that should be near the main pump and drain all residual water left inside. Leave the spigot open once this is finished. Use a hand held vacuum to clear out any remaining water. Take out the drain plugs from the water pumps and let it drain out entirely. After all water is removed from the area, re-insert the drain plugs to protect the pumps from freezing and expanding water.


Step 4. Remove All Moisture

Replace the cover of the cabinet and turn on the circuit breaker. You will need to blow out all moisture in that area. Use the blowers to remove water from the plumbing pipes and lines. Temporarily remove the fittings and clean them thoroughly with the hand held vacuum. Use a sponge to sop up any remaining water, and wipe both the interior and exterior down with a towel. Be sure everything is completely dry and place the cover on top, closing it securely.

Step 5. Use a Spa Cover

Utilize a spa cover to protect the tub and to prevent any dirt and debris from entering it. It might be a good idea to use clips and a tarp to tie everything down so it won’t move or shift around in the event of a violent wind or snowstorm.

Once the above steps have been completed, Close the panel and double check to insure that the circuit breaker and the power supply are completely turned off. The water supply to the tub needs to be shut off as well so there is no water that could potentially freeze inside the plumbing lines. Now, you have officially shut down and winterized your spa for the colder months! Springtime will bring out the happy tub memories soon enough.


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