Pool & Spa Filters Search by Measurement Help

It’s time to get out your measuring tape and measure both the diameter and length of your filter cartridge. Please feel free to check out our video and follow these steps to accurately measure your cartridge.

  • 1. Look for the part number (this should appear on the top of the filter)
  • 2. Measure the outside diameter of your cartridge (place your measuring tape at the outside rim of the cartridge and measure it directly across)
  • 3. Measure the entire length of the cartridge including the top and bottom caps (the most accurate reading should take place right through the center of the cartridge)
  • 4. Measure the inside diameter of the opening (either towards the top or bottom cap will suffice, it will still give an accurate reading)
  • 5. Now comes the best part! After you entered the measurements (allow +/- 1/16in. just in case), you can select the ‘GO’ button and you can view the results!