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12' Round Solar Pool Cover

12' Round Solar Pool Cover

  • SALE! Take up to 20% off all Clear-Tek covers!
  • Raise Water Temps Over 15 Degrees!
  • Prevent Heat Loss & Chemical Dissipation
  • Installation is as Easy as 1-2-3

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Product Name Price Qty Item #
BlueBlue Solar Cover 5 Mil - 1 yr warranty.


BlueBlue Solar Cover 8 Mil - 3 yr warranty.


BlueBlue Solar Cover 12 Mil - 7 yr warranty.



Not currently in Stock,Order today and we will ship on Aug 05, 2014

BlueClear Solar Cover 12 Mil - 7 yr warranty.


Was $62.49

Save $12.50

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Not currently in Stock,Order today and we will ship on Aug 04, 2014

ClearClear Solar Cover 16 Mil - 8 yr warranty.


Was $66.24

Save $13.25

Now low as


Not currently in Stock,Order today and we will ship on Aug 11, 2014

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Product Description

Extend your swimming season and save money with our original, all-blue pool solar cover. Fantastic heat retention for a minimal cost. 5 mil includes 1 yr warranty/ 90 days full warranty. 8 mil blanket includes 3 yr warranty / 1 yr full warranty. 12 mil includes 6 yr warranty / 2 yr full warranty.

Clear-Tek BLUE
Enjoy the benefits of a clear blanket combined with the beauty of a blue pool solar cover. 50-50 combination lets the sun shine through for outstanding heat transfer and retention. 7 yr warranty / 2 yr full warranty.

Clear-Tek CLEAR
No other pool solar cover allows more sun through or warms pool water faster. Achieve the highest possible temperatures, lower your energy costs and extend your swimming season. 8 yr warranty / 2 yr full warranty.


After many years of research it's been proven that the best blanket for raising and maintaining water temperatures in your pool is a clear solar blanket. That's because the clear blanket allows the sun to penetrate and warm the pool; unlike experimental solar blankets that feature thick, reflective, aluminized coating and reflect the sun away from your pool. Plus, Clear-Tek Solar Blankets last longer because they maintain their flexibility and don't become brittle like dark colored, opaque blankets.

Our Clear-Tek Solar Blanket works great. By allowing the warm rays of the sun to penetrate your pool directly, it raises water temperatures by as much as 15° Fahrenheit. At night the blanket helps seal in the warmth to maintain optimal swimming comfort.

Pool owners love the blue color of their pool water, and our Clear-Tek Solar Blankets let the blue shine through. The blankets keep debris from entering your pool, and they prevent chemicals from dissipating due to exposure.

Clear-Tek Solar Blankets allow the sun's rays to penetrate and warm your pool water.

Reflective coated solar blankets are at a disadvantage because they reflect the sun's warm rays, preventing them from warming your pool water.

Clear-Tek Solar Blankets are easy to customize... all you need is a pair of scissors! Cuts easily to fit any shape or size pool.

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  • It works fantastic! Review by

    5 1 5

    I really drag my feet on buying solar covers for my pool. I grew up in FL and really prefer super warm water. Our mid Missouri summers have been very disappointing to me the last couple of years. We may get the water nice and warm (85°) and then a cold front comes through and knocks the temp down in the low 70's. Cool nights below 70 which happen often completely ruin the warm water temp. I was at the point that I was considering selling my home/pool because who wants to spend all that money on a pool chemicals, etc. and only get to swim in it a few times.

    So... I bought the solar cover (the most expensive one) even though I didn't really want to see the thing sitting at the end of my pool LOL. Although it does take away from the ambiance of the pool because the reel/blanket is sitting at the end under the diving board all the time, it WORKS really well! We have had temps every couple of weeks in the low 60's (tonight expecting 50 degrees) but our pool either stays warm or warms right back up in a day or so. I have truly been amazed! We got the one that is clear and that does help it's appearance (we have had the blue in the past). It really does everything they say! I'm loving the warm water and even night swims because the water is so warm!

    To SUM IT UP:

    1. It works great! Does everything they say it does! We would not be able to swim this summer without it.

    2. It is a little heavy to reel out and in. It takes two of us to roll it back so that the pool is uncovered. One of us could reel it in but the blanket gets off and ends up longer on one side of the spool.

    3. The little thin piece of white plastic that is provided to cover the cover on the spool - which insures the warranty - is a JOKE. It makes the blanket/spool look even more ridiculous and makes my expensive, beautiful swimming pool look dumb. Sure wish the people at Doheny would make a better looking way to cover and protect the spooled blanket when not in use. (Maybe velcro on the cover so that it stays put?) Also wish they could create some sort of box system (think upside down saran wrap box) allowing the cover to be inside something prettier so that it doesn't just sit down at the end of the pool under the diving board with a thin sheet of white plastic blowing off every time a strong wind hits it.

    If you need your pool to stay warm and warm up quickly, this is IT! It does all that and more. But I hate the looks of the thing... just saying... :)

  • Great product!! Review by

    5 1 5

    My old solar cover was falling apart and the bubble pieces were all over the pool. I decided to purchase this new solar cover and it is so much better than expected! It was so easy to cut to fit my pool exactly. I use a reel, which makes covering the pool so easy! Over 1 hot weekend, my pool water went from 72 degrees to 94 degrees! It really is a great product, sturdy, and really increases the water temp. As far as the reviews on leaves getting on the cover, it's not that hard to clean them off of the solar cover. It's a solar cover, so it's not meant to catch the leaves, it's meant to heat the pool with the suns rays. This cover does that very well! I am so happy I purchased this product and would recommend it.
    (I have only had this for 1 month and it has held up so far... we will see about it in a few months/years)

  • Cutting cover is neelessly bothersome Review by

    3 1 5

    While I have no doubt that the solar cover performs a valid function for us in the North East (also my third cover in 20+ years) I wish someone at Doheny's would have advised that the cover is shipped over sized by at least 18" in each direction.

    As a 65 year old with various aches and pains cutting off 18" of excess cover on a 20' end and 40' length was excruciating. Not to mention the results were less then attractive nor accurate. Yes, my cover cutting skills are not what they should be!

    When selling a 20' x 40' cover is it unreasonable to expect a 20' x 40' cover?

    I can't recall having to cut any of my previous covers so this came as a severe disappointment. While a great sale price and apparent value I would gladly pay more elsewhere to avoid having to cut and fit an item that should not require same.

  • Review from new user Review by

    5 1 5

    I've read a few reviews that state that it only last for two years - well here is my thought on the matter~~SO WHAT!! That is still waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay less money that purchasing a heater! && its been my experience so far that it is da bomb! it def. raised my temp 15 degrees (I purchase the clear 16mil one) I came home today from a looooong work day and then mowed our lawn, I was very tired and decided to take a dip (after the sun was down mind you) the kids had been in it for two hours. The water was AWESOME! There were no screaming and gasping for breath like there was last year when I forced myself into the pool. I am VERY happy so far with my purchase. And if it does only last two years, I will just buy another one. I did purchase the reel for my pool and I like it as well. I have a 28X54 pool and it is tricky to get this cover off alone - it really takes two people to get on and off (for round pool at least)

  • Instant heat! Review by

    5 1 5

    Only had the cover a month and within the first two days the temp was up 12 degrees! Love it must have!

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