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Aquabot Turbo T2 In-Ground Pool Cleaner (Includes Free Caddy)

Aquabot Turbo T2 In-Ground Pool Cleaner (Includes Free Caddy)

MPN: T-2
• Great Value!!
• One Hour Clean Time
• Quad Brush System

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Product Description

The Aquabot Turbo T2 works great for your in-ground pool. It can adapt and clean any shaped pool you place it in! Any surface can sustain its cleaning power including (vinyl, gunite, concrete, and fiberglass) tile is excluded from this list. It boasts an impressive wall transition at a full 90 degree angle to clean every portion of your pool walls and floor. Not only does it conserve energy, but it comes with a filter bag capable of trapping particles up to (2 microns). It has a convenient bottom loading filter basket to trap unnecessary dirt, debris, and organic remnants that could contaminant your pool water.

Features include:

  • 1 hour clean time
  • Auto shut off
  • Self-contained reusable 34 quart capacity filter
  • Cleans 5,000 gal/hour
  • Cool touch all weather power supply
  • 60 ft self buoyant, Kevlar cord. 1st year bumper to bumper warranty, 2nd and 3rd year motor warranty (motor & power supply). Weighs 17 lb.

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  • Product Specifications

    • Shape:

      Rectangle, Lap, Kidney, L-Shape, Round, Oval
    • Surfaces:

      Vinyl, Gunite/Concrete, Fiberglass
    • Pool to Wall Transition:

      90 Degree Angle
    • Electrical Requirements:

    • Power Consumption:

    • Dimensions:

      17 1/2" X 15 3/4" X 11 1/2"
    • Weight:

      19 lbs
    • Cable Length:

    • - 3 Year (1st yr. 100%, 2nd & 3rd yr. limited).

    • Help from Doheny’s Pool Pros! Helpful Tips & Useful Information:
    • Cleaner Start Position:

      Holding the Floating Handle, submerge your cleaner upside down, and gently rock it back and forth under the water to allow any trapped air to escape, which is critical for proper balancing or it may not clean and cover your pool as designed.

      While submerged turn upright, then let go allowing your cleaner to settle to a level area on the pool floor near the shallow end. Starting it on an inkling (like a deep end hopper) may cause the cleaner, program and sensors to mistakenly consider the incline as the floor, and conversely on the floor as the wall. This would offset its cleaning program and coverage, resulting in missed areas. Be sure to start the cleaner on a level surface every time.

      Turn ON Power Supply to begin cleaning.
    • Setting the Power Supply Timer (Internal and/or External):

      If your cleaner has an adjustable Dial or Digital timer, you can set it for Continuous Run or Internal Timed Operation. Power Supplies may be connected to an external, separately purchased timer, such as a house-type timer or pool control system. In this External Timed Operation mode your cleaner can externally be set to automatically turn ON/OFF as needed.
    • Continuous Run Operation (C-Run):

      Continuous Run mode means that the cleaner will operate continuously until the ON/OFF Switch is physically pressed OFF or an external time source automatically turns OFF the power to the Power Supply. When manually pressing OFF, to restart its operation you must physically press the Switch back to ON.
    MPN: T-2 : Aquabot Turbo T2 In-Ground Pool Cleaner

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    • Excellent Cleaner....A MUST HAVE! Review by

      5 1 5

      Ok..I was going to wait a few more weeks for my review but since I am so happy and excited about this Aquabot, I must share this with those looking to for a automatic pool vacuum.
      This is my first in ground pool. I had an above ground for many years and decided to go with an in ground.
      For those of you who know from experiencing an in ground pool installation, there are lots of processes to go through before you even get to use what ever vacuum you have.
      The back fill was done a few weeks ago. During this process, the backfiller missed his target and lots of dirt ended up in the pool. I had no concern for the pool installers were coming back to "power vac" any mess made by the back fillers.
      In the meantime, my partner and I decided we did not want to pole vaccum with this pool, use our filter nor wanted to stand perhaps a few hours to vacuum on a weekly basis as we did with the above ground pool.
      Through much research, Youtube videos, automatic vacuums comparisons, etc. we chose the Aquabot Turbo T2 In-Ground Pool Cleaner. SO GLAD WE DID!
      Remember I told you about the back fill miss? Well, 2 hours of running the Aquabot for the first time, it was clean!!! We emptied and cleaned the liner bag and ran the vacuum one more time and now I a clean, sparkling pool without backfill!! :)
      It's easy, no strain on your filter and the best is I DID NOT HAVE TO BACK WASH as i used to with my filter from the above ground!!
      Simple to use!! A MUST HAVE!! A great investment!
      I can not wait to use this more. I am waiting on my concrete patio to be poured. Once completed, I'm sure we will be using this to clean any mess made from the masons!
      My advice, research what you think you want through different vendor and manufacturers websites, Youtube videos are a great help. Most importantly, READ ALL THE DIRECTIONS the full use of the great vacuum. It has many neat features that are easy to use once you know what you are doing.
      You can go to Aquabot's website and download the instructions to ANY of their products. Go there to see what they have and read what you can.
      I apologize for the long review but I'm sure it will be helpful for some.
      Good luck Folks!!

    • AWESOME Review by

      5 1 5

      Folks, if you own an in-ground, get one! DO NOT OWN AN IN-GROUND POOL WITHOUT THE TURBO T2. NEVER HAD ANY PROBLEMS!!! Jackson, TN

    • Turbo T-2 Review by

      5 1 5

      WOULD NEVER OWN A POOL WITHOUT ONE! Just be sure to buy TWO filter bags with it so you always have a fresh, clean bag to put into the machine. A+++++++

    • great cleaner Review by

      5 1 5

      Bought this in 2008 when a family illness made it hard to spend the time needed to clean the pool. It does a fantastic job while I do other things and then the pool is ready to use! Only thing that would make me even happier with this is a robot to clean the filter bag : )

    • Excellent vacuum for the money Review by

      5 1 5

      I always had problems trying to keep my pool clean, specially in hot summer days. My pool started to turn green and had to get it ready in a week for a party. I did my research and this came in best for the money. In less than a week, shocking 3 times, and running my turbo t2 3-4 hrs/day, my pool was sparkling. It picks up all the small debri to a point we found a missing kids ear ring. Got a defective one first with a broken motor, but Doheny advanced shipped a replacement next day. Excellent customer service. All I can say - Bye bye pool guy and hello aquabot --H

    Items 1 to 5 of 7 total

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