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Doheny's CW

Doheny's CW

MPN: SmartPool
Doheny's Pool Pro Pick!
Cleans & brushes floors & walls up to the waterline. Obstacle-avoidance technology. Wide cleaning swath.


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Product Description

Obstacle avoidance technology
All-surface cleaning for vinyl liner, fiberglass, tile and concrete pools
Quick-drain system for Easy-Lift removal from pool
Eco-friendly using up to 70% less energy

The Doheny's CW cleans and brushes floors and walls up to the waterline. With its intelligent navigation - it cleans where the dirt is. Designed with a wider cleaning swath for 50% faster cleaning. The quad-port suction vacuums up acorns, leaves and fine debris. With a flip of the transformer's switch, you can choose between 1-hour rapid clean mode or 3-hour systematic clean. The Doheny's CW comes with an extra-long 60 ft cable. The Doheny's CW is high performance/low voltage pool cleaning at its best and it costs just pennies to operate. ETL certified to UL and CSA standards. 2 year warranty.

Doheny’s Pool Pro Pick
Our Pool Pros put our products to the test so you know which products give you outstanding results and value. Tested, tried and true for high quality construction, ease of use, efficiency and reliability - shop this Doheny’s Pool Pro Pick with confidence and SAVE!

Product Specifications

For Technical support on this item please contact SmartPool 1-888-560-7665 www.smartpool.com/website.
MPN: SmartPool : Doheny's CW

Product Reviews

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  • My new "Pool Boy" Review by

    4 1 5

    I have been looking at pool cleaners and robots since my old pool boy graduated from college, and got married. Couldn't find one that I liked, at a price I was willing to pay. So when I saw this robot, it looked like it would fill the bill nicely.
    Doheny's had it on my doorstep within 24 hours. After removing it from the box, and looking at the brief instructions, into the pool it went. I put it on the 3 hour soak, since the pool was pretty dirty from all the debris blowing around, and out of the trees. Went back when it was done, and the pool was clean. It didn't miss a spot.
    The only problem that i encountered was after I took the filter bag off to clean it out, I found it a bit problematic to put it back on properly.
    I thought it was on right, but when I tossed it in a few days later, all that the robot wanted to do was pop wheelies. Back to the directions I went.
    It seems that if you don't seat the filter bag properly, the robot will not move well, and pop wheelies, rather than clean the pool. I pulled the bottom back off, taking care to replace the filter bag right this time, and all was well.
    There is a small tab near the back, about a quarter inch high, that the filter bag must be seated behind. It must also be in the channel all the way around the bottom. Once that is done, the bottom snaps back onto the robot fairly easily.
    All in all, I am happy that I have finally replaced my pool boy. Sure beats cleaning with a skimmer vac !!

  • Good for the price Review by

    5 1 5

    Bought this item two years ago and have been really satisfied with it. It has help up well although I would note that the "clips" on our unit are a little loose too, but not to the point where it leaks dirt and debris. We have a very wooded yard and it saves us a lot of time vaccing the pool. Probably gain several hours a week of swim time by using it (as opposed to cleaning the pool before we want to use it) and our DE filter doesn't run as hard or as often now. Can't compare it to the other options available for robots firsthand, but we use it a lot and are impressed with its work.

  • Best Pool Boy yet! Review by

    5 1 5

    As we enter the 21st century we start to see more and more robots being introduced to do the mundane. I have used Roombas for our household floors and was impressed. So I set out to find a similar product for the pool.
    I purchased the Nitro Wall-Climber Pool Cleaner with Caddy two years ago and have to say that I am quite impressed.
    Our pool technician opened our pool this season and let all the debris from the winter fall in the pool. So our pool bottom was covered in a brown silt. I threw in Nitro before going to work and set it at the 3 hour setting. I expected when I returned that there would patches where the robot hadn't traversed that would be left with dirt.
    To my wondrous surprise, I came home and my entire in-ground 20k gallon kidney shaped pool was completely clean.
    What is so remarkable about this is that I don't have a bottom drain (we discovered it was leaking quite heavily so we had to plug it up), so all the debris had to be picked up by the Nitro and still our pool's floor was spotless.

    So anyone who wants to clean their pool walls and floors without worrying about spending water or electricity should definitely consider getting one of these units.

  • Good Review by

    4 1 5

    Overall I like it very much, it cleans the debris at the bottom of the pool but doesn't work on the steps. The plastic clips can be problematic but not enough to negate the positives.

  • Nitro Wall Climber Review by

    4 1 5

    The unit works great, it's easy to use and clean. Just put it in the pool and let it run. The LED indicator on the power supply doesn't work any more and it would have been nice to have words indicating 1 or 3 hour run but this is a small problem compared to its overall function.

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