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Hayward Perflex Above Ground DE Pool Filters and Systems

Hayward Perflex Above Ground DE Pool Filters and Systems

  • #1 Selling Brand
  • Effective above ground pool filtration
  • Filters more water with less power
  • Output rating: 2,400 gallons per hour

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EC40 Tank Only


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EC50 Tank Only


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EC30 Filter System, 40 GPM


EC40 Filter System, 1 HP


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EC50 Filter System, 1.5 HP


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Product Description


-Patented Flex-Tube system efficiently reuses D.E. powder to form fresh cleaning surfaces.
-Exclusive bump handle activates flex tubes, causing them to instantly purge themselves of dirt and powder.
-Combination diffuser and lower mixing chamber specifically designed to produce a uniformed coating of D.E. on the Flex Tubes.

Perflex DE filters are performance matched with the Hayward Matrix pump series for an outstanding above ground complete filter system. Designed to operate with less resistance than conventional units, these advanced systems produce more filtered water with less pump horsepower. Systems include: Perflex DE filter, Hayward Matrix Pump, ABS modular platform base, union pump to filter connection, and 1.5" hose package. Standard three-prong grounded 6 foot cord connection. Systems use DE (Diatomaceous Earth #5437) filter powder- the most efficient dirt remover known for swimming pools.

For Technical support on this item please contact Hayward at 1-800-HAYWARD www.haywardpools.com

Product Specifications

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use the Hayward EC40 in my saltwater pool?

Yes, the Hayward DE filter can be used in either saltwater or chlorine pools.

What is D.E.?

D.E., or Diatomaceous Earth, D.E. is the most efficient dirt remover known for swimming pool filtration. It is normally fed into the system through the skimmer when the filter is initially started; then drained from the filter when it can no longer efficiently remove dirt from the water. The Hayward Perflex D.E. filter provides the deepest, most comprehensive clean, removing microscopic dust and pollen as small as one micron - 100 times smaller than a grain of salt.

How do Hayward DE pool filtration systems clean the water?

Patented Flex-TubesTM make the Hayward Perflex D.E. filter unique. D.E. filter powder coats the tubes and traps dirt and impurities as they pass through the filter. When the accumulated dirt builds up pressure and decreases the flow, conventional filters require backwashing. But with the Hayward Perflex D.E. filter, simply move the unique "Bump" handle up and down a few times to automatically activate the Flex-Tubes, repositioning the dirt and D.E. within the filter and extending the filter cycle. Through Perflex's exclusive "Bump" action, the D.E. is periodically regenerated and the filter cycle extended without changing the powder. When the filter powder is totally used, the "Bump" action makes it possible to drain the used diatomite without backwashing or dismantling the filter.

How do I prepare my Hayward Perflex for it's first use?

Before start the the filtration system, complete the following:

1. Obtain a supply of pool chemicals, D.E., and a pool test kit. Use only the swimming pool grades of D.E., including CELATOM (Eagle-Picher Industries, Inc.) AQUA-CEL (Johns-Manville Products Corporation) DICALITE 4200 (Grefco, Inc.) WITCO (Witco Corporation).

2. Superchlorinate the pool water by adding unstabilized granular or liquid chlorine. Stabilized forms of pool chlorine are recommended for normal daily use after the initial clean up of the water. Follow chemical manufacturer's recommendations for superchlorination and daily use.

MPN: EC40AC : EC40 Tank Only
MPN: EC50AC : EC50 Tank Only
MPN: EC301540ESNV UPC: 0610377613897 : EC30 Filter System, 40 GPM
MPN: EC40C92S : EC40 Filter System, 1 HP
MPN: EC50C93S : EC50 Filter System, 1.5 HP

Product Reviews

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  • Great price on an excellent system. Review by

    5 1 5

    Bought the 1 hp EC40 system last week. Installed it yesterday. Free shipping too. Would do it again in a heartbeat.

  • Good bye Sand. Hello DE Review by

    5 1 5

    Delivered to my door within 24 hrs. All I had to do was connect the hoses and plug in. It usually takes 2 weeks for my pool to clear up with sand upon start up. After two evenings running it for a few hours each, the water cleared up and after three it sparkled. I can't beleive how much time I wasted over the years fighting with a cumbersome sand unit. Very simple and efficient.

  • Amazing product and shipping. Review by

    5 1 5

    Long story that begins with EBay a 1hp sand-filter for my AG pool. Coagulants, Algacide, Super-clorination... At 87 degrees, all stories end with an emerald green pool with 10" visibility. Finally understand that 500+ is a good deal and only DE works. After 2 cleanings (no backwash, just open plug and drain the green ooze), the third 4lb DA application left the water crystal clear. Easy to setup. Fast shipping delivers, easier and cheaper than going to pinch-a-poo.

    Love the new Hayward DE technology. And this is my new pool store.

  • Great for Intex pools ! Review by

    5 1 5

    We have owned many Intex pools graduating to larger ones as our kids grew up. We thought that our 24' oval with skimmer was the easiest until this summer. This year we have experienced a drought here in Texas and with the leaves and sand we have not been able to control the algae and the PH level was through the roof which was costing us a bundle trying to keep the chlorine level correct. So I bit the bullet and purchased the EC50 DE Filter and pump. I purchased this larger pump so in the future it would be large enough for any pool we purchased. I hooked it up in about 30 minutes, everything you need including hoses and clamps came with it. Our pool was green, very dirty, and clarity was about an inch deep! After running for 24 hours the water is sparkly clear and you can see straight to the bottom. Because it was so dirty I did have to "regenerate" it about every 4 hours and after a day I had to drain and "re-coat" the filter. These processes are very easy and takes minutes. Now that the pool is clean this will not have to be done near as much. I was very hesitant about spending this kind of money but now that I have experienced it i would have spent double the amount!!! No more cleaning cartridges every day, sometimes more than once!! I just walk by the pool, look at the pressure gauge and if needed, stop the pump, press down on a handle three times, and restart. That's it!!! This is one product that will make your life easier! Thanks for the great service Doheny!!!

  • Better than expected! Review by

    5 1 5

    We ordered this filter system on-line on July 4. We received it July 7. Great delivery, great packaging. Everything there. My husband wanted me to write a review saying the instructions were simple, assembly smooth and easy, and all the pieces were there!!! Works better than expected for our pool and so easy to re-charge. We all LOVE it! Great product!, Great service!!!! Keep up the good work!!!!

Items 1 to 5 of 7 total

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