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Olympic Zeron Epoxy Pool Coating

Olympic Zeron Epoxy Pool Coating

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Product Description

One Coat Finish System
Longest Lasting
High Gloss Finish
Alternative to Plaster

Provides a durable "ceramic-like" finish that lasts up to 8 years... and inhibits algae growth. This is your economical alternative to replastering your pool. We recommend this paint for new pools or to refinish rough, discolored plaster. It's also great for sealing hairline cracks. Resists many common pool stains. One gallon covers approximately 150 sq. ft. For best results pool should be primed first with either Poxoprime II or Gunzite Primer. Includes painting instructions.

3547 Epoxy Paint Thinner: Use for clean up.

Use this quick formula to calculate how much paint you'll need for your pool.
Rectangular and Oval Pools: L x W x 1.65 = total square ft.
Lazy "L" pools: L x W x 1.5 = total square ft.
Free form pools: L x W x 1.6 = total square ft.

Product Specifications

- Incredibly easy to clean and extremely durable
- Cures to a hard, non-porous finish
- Requires just one coat to protect your pool
- Results in a brighter and easier to maintain pool than a plastered surface
- Available in White, Blue Ice, Bikini Blue and Black
- Covers approximately 125-150 square feet per gallon
MPN: 390 CS PK=1 : Gallon - White
MPN: 391 CASE PK-1 : Gallon - Blue Ice
MPN: 392 CS PK=1 : Gallon - Bikini Blue

Product Reviews

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  • Looks like problems developed Review by

    1 1 5

    every one says bubbles happened doesn't look like its a compatible product to use if you have to rework it or re-due it afterwards several times. Other products have the no use of primer they are about $25 more per gal. but then you don't have to work more or have to buy gallons of primers before final coat. Seems like there are better products out there for close to the same costs

  • Best price here Review by

    5 1 5

    I ordered over $800 worth of paint and accessories on Friday, and they were sitting on my front deck when I got home on Tuesday. Free shipping and I didn't have to haul it. The next day I noticed that the paint was on sale so I called, and within minutes, she had processed a credit on my credit card. Doheny's is a winner.

    As for the painting, my pool has fiberglass panels on the sides, and poured concrete deep end and bottom. It was painted 8 years ago with Poxolon. For a paint that promised to last 5-7 years, I was certainly satisfied. But I decided to try Zeron this time. The weather did not cooperate, but I found a window with 36 hours rain free and went for it. All of the prep work was done days before. I hired 2 college kids to do the heavy lifting. We couldn't really put the Zeron on as thick as it should be on the fiberglass panels, but did on the concrete. We started around 8:30 in the morning, and finished around 12:30. The first night the temp went below the 50 degree minimum, but not to worry, by the end of the week it was over 90. lol. I left it for 6 days, not knowing which temp to use. It worked fine. The pool looks great, and I'm hoping to get 9 or 10 years out of it.

    Tips....plan to throw out EVERYTHING you use on the paint. I used 2 5 gallon buckets (mixed in 3 batches), 2 rollers, 4 roller covers (switched them out 1/2 way through as they were getting gooey), a brush for edging, the drill attachment, the tray in the bucket, a small roller for the steps....they all went in the trash. You can't wash this paint off. We got most off our hands with a scrub. I bought rubber rain boots just for the occasion, and kicked them off in the grass and went barefoot into the house. I'm still finding little spots of blue in the strangest places. On wood (my kitchen cabinets, table...) I found that spraying pledge on it thick, leave it a few minutes, then rub with a microfiber cloth took it off without wrecking the finish for at least a week after the painting.
    For the bottom of the pool, we found that pouring paint down and then spreading it with the rollers (using extension poles) worked best. The bottom went very quickly.
    I didn't have bubbling, but that could be because it was cool for the first 2 days after painting.
    In the end, my 34 year old pool looks pretty darn good. This is a good product. Don't underestimate the time it will take to prep, don't expect the weather to be perfect, and hire some strong backs to help.

  • Good paint, but bubbles on surface- READ THIS Review by

    4 1 5

    We have a plaster pool that was in pretty bad shape. It had a lot of very rough spots that algea was sticking to and was difficult to keep clean. We looked into a lot of different options and decided to go for the Olympic Zeron paint over Gunzite primer. I researched several different products and talked with Kelly Tech. several times and felt comfortable with their product.

    We spent a lot of time on the prep and made sure that everything was prepped perfectly. We applied the gunzite primer on Saturday morning and the Zeron on Sunday morning. The Gunzite went on well and covered well. They say it is heavy bodied and will fill the bigger imperfections and it does to a certain degree, but if you have any imperfections rougher than sandpaper (or deeper) you will want to fill them.

    The Zeron goes on smooth, but we were not warned that if it is too warm outside you will get bubbles on the surface due to the Epoxy curing too quickly. We began painting with the Zeron at about 8:15 am with an outside temp of 72 degrees and wrapped up around 11:30 with an outside temp of about 84 degrees. About half way through we noticed that previously painted areas were beginning to get small bubbles on the surface. There wasn't much we could do and Kelly Tech. was not open to call so we just kept going. After completing the painting the bubbles kept forming. Not all spots have bubbles, but the bottom in particular has a lot of bubbles. The bubbles pop easily, but leave behind tiny craters all over the pool. I think this is going to be a problem with catching dirt and giving algea a place to grow. I called Kelly Tech. this morning and discussed the problem with them and was told that it was too warm and that caused the epoxy to cure too quickly and I should have painted at night. I read all the bulletins and talked with Kelly Tech three times by phone and I was never told that I should apply at night! It would have saved me a lot of time and money had I been told or read anywhere that the paint may have bubles form on the surface if it gets too warm or if it at any time in the curing process is exposed to direct sunlight. 75-85 degrees to me is not too warm. I could have easily altered my painting schedule to work around the air temperature.

    I bought extra paint so I will be repainting the bottom of the pool TONIGHT after sanding dowm the tiny craters in the epoxy on the bottom of the pool. It took 6 gallons to paint my pool the frist time and I have 4 left over so I will have more than enough to paint the bottom tonight. I will say that I am more than a little upset that I have to repaint the pool. I will most likely only be repainting the bottom because I do not have enough paint to repaint the entire pool and the bottom is where I see the biggest problem with catching dirt.

    Be sure to read all of the bulletins! There is a lot of information in them. Some of the info is a little conflicting so if you have any questions be sure to call and ask. They may not want to chat about it much, but you are buying their product so they should answer all of the questions you have. Don't be afraid to call back repeatedly if necessary! Good luck.

  • Best pool paint Review by

    4 1 5

    I did a lot of research on pool paint before purchasing this stuff. Everyone will tell you that painting isn't the best option for pool resurfacing. While I'm sure they're right, it really was the only option for my pool and budget. As everyone else has said, you must follow the directions to the letter. Use the technical bulletins from Kelly Technical's website to read up on prepping, etc. I really thought the paint would be a bit thicker, like the gunzite primer. I tried to put it on as heavy as they recommended, but you have to be careful. On the walls, this led to a few runs, and on the bottom, after the paint had set up, I noticed a few pinholes in the finish, that apparently were bubbles that appeared and popped after the paint was rolled on. A little sand on the steps and slope was a good idea as this stuff is slick when dry. I hope it holds up for several years.

  • GREAT Review by

    5 1 5

    i was skeptical to epoxy my OLD plaster. Plaster contractor says never to do that... but he Wanted 10K to replaster. So after researching the process, i settled for Zeron white. i thought since my plaster is white... most of it, then if the paint flakes off or bubbles off then it will be white underneath. This was very nice paint. My pool cleaned and dried very well. I had good weather for three days. The Poxoprime II worked as advertised. It dried and cured evenly. Then we put on the Zeron. We have a Brand new pool! whoa... i mean Whoa. Happy to do it again in 7 years.

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