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Saltron Retro Salt Chlorination System

Saltron Retro Salt Chlorination System

  • No more purchasing chlorine
  • No more faded bathing suits
  • No more harsh chemicals
  • For pools up to 20,000 gallons
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Product Description


See the benefits of natural chlorine with Saltron Retro—a salt-chlorine generator for in-ground and above ground swimming pools. No more harsh chemicals in your pool! Saltron Retro is a self-contained purification system that utilizes a natural process to generate pure chlorine. The electrolytic process uses a very low concentration of salt (less than a teaspoon per gallon) and generates free chlorine. The chlorine continuously kills bacteria and algae and then reverts back to salt. This indefinite cycle leaves the water feeling silky, soft, refreshing and sparkling clear.

  • Easy installation on new and existing pools - no plumbing required.
  • Programmable digital timer to adjust chlorine output.
  • LED indicator lights illuminate for easy salt level reference.
  • Commercial grade titanium cell plates coated with precious metals.
  • Reverse polarity keeps cell clean and prevents scaling.
  • Clear cell housing allows user to easily inspect cell for scaling.
  • Switch-mode power supply supplies smooth current to cell resulting in longer lifetime.
  • Critical fault protections with automatic shut-down.
  • Helps keep a consistent Free Chlorine residual.

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    • Glad I bought this! Review by

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      I wish I had bought this before. My water is so clear and with running it 12 hours a day the chlorine level stays perfect in my 8500 gallon pool.

    • Works great! Review by

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      We purchased the Saltron retro in June 2013 and we couldn’t be happier. We ordered it easily from Doheny and it arrived quickly. Our pool is a summer escapes 18’, about 6500 gallons. We originally started three seasons ago with an Intex saltwater system. It worked well for two and half seasons until this summer when the dreaded “low salt” light kept going on no matter how much salt was put into the pool. We ended up getting two more Intex saltwater systems which did not work. The first one never produced any chlorine, and the second one worked for about three days and stopped. Looking for another alternative, we looked at several different types and decided on the saltron retro. While more expensive than the Intex brand, and slightly more than the ChlorEase, the saltron retro allows you to replace the salt cell whenever it eventually goes out, much like the higher price Hayward and other brands. Also, since this just hangs in the pool, you do not have to change any of your pool plumbing. For our pool, I attached a small plastic tube (like PVC) to the top of the pool with some string, and then attached the retro to the tube, since the top of my pool is wider than the top bracket of the saltron retro. The beauty of this unit is that it can run without your pool pump running, although the instructions do tell you to put it by a pool return jet. It originally comes set for 20 hours of run time, and I believe the instructions tell you to leave it like that for 3 days and then check your water. Well, since our pool was in really bad shape because our intex unit failed, I left it alone for a week. The pool became crystal clear and when I test the water with a test strip, it registered the deepest purple I’ve ever seen, meaning there was way too much chlorine in the water. At least it works. I adjusted it to 10 hours of run time, and again test it, and there is still too much chlorine in the water. I have to say, that with the intex units, even if you run it 24 hours, it would never produce as much chlorine as the retro did in just a few days. I’ve adjusted the time down to only 4 hours, and that seems to be about perfect. It seems that all of these saltwater chlorine generators work in about the same way. You have a timer (or brain), transformer (might be in the same box as the brain), and then the salt cell which usually contains some metal plates with titanium on it and it is electrically charged. While the intex units contain two of these metal plates, from what I can tell, the saltron retro has 4 plates. The higher price units that go inline may contain more. I’ve been extremely happy with the unit and I could see if working quite well with smaller or bigger pools.

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