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Saltwater vs. Chlorine: Which is Better for Home Pools?

How to Choose Between Saltwater or Chlorine Pools

Saltwater pools have had quite a resurgence in recent years, as many pool owners are looking for alternatives to expensive and harsh pool cleaners. Chlorine is highly effective at providing disinfection for pools, but it can also be expensive to purchase and store each year, and it can also irritate your skin if you are more sensitive than others. When looking for a viable alternative to chlorine, a saltwater pool may make sense for you. Saltwater pools are just as clean and germ-free as those treated with chlorine, but they typically require less maintenance and salt isn’t harsh on skin like chlorine can be. Using saltwater instead of chlorine is a highly viable option that should be seriously considered if you are purchasing a new pool filter system.

Saltwater is Cheaper and Healthier

One of the most obvious reasons for switching to a salt water system is that you no longer have to purchase pool chlorine, which can cost hundreds of dollars each year. When you have a saltwater system, those types of expenses aren’t a part of your routine pool maintenance because your chlorinator develops it’s own chlorine from the salt that is running throughout the cells. It’s a great way to save on pool chemicals, and you can enjoy the added benefit of no longer having to store large containers of chlorine in your garage or storage shed.

There are many pool owners out there who simply can’t tolerate chlorine or who are worried about the effects that the pool chemical has on the environment. Salt is perfectly safe for the skin and eyes, as is has very similar salinity to human tears, and it won’t harm the groundwater or the surrounding environment.

Enjoy Softer, Silkier and Cleaner Water with Salt

Saltwater isn’t just easier on the eyes and skin, but it actually feels softer than water that has been treated with chlorine. Water that is salt-treated simply feels more natural and silkier to the touch, making for a great pool experience. Saltwater is also great for preventing algae buildup, as the chlorinator is always working within your filtration system. It’s an easy way to reduce the maintenance requirements overall for your pool while getting great feeling water as well.

Does Switching to Salt Make Sense for You?

If you’ve been considering making the switch to salt or are purchasing a new pool, it might be the time to move on from traditional chlorine filtration systems. Enjoy safe, clean and comfortable pool water that feels as good as looks, all season long when you go with salt.

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