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How-to Maintenance: How to Use a Pool Winter Kit

Why is a Pool Winter Kit Important?

Here at Doheny’s Pool Supplies Fast we provided you with information on how to close your pool, how to winterize your pool with our winter value kits, but we still haven’t explained why it is a good idea to apply these specific chemicals to your water before the colder months arrive. Read on to find out why our winter value kits are crucial to the opening of your pool for next year.

As a pool owner, you want to be sure your pool is completely clean of all dirt and debris before you begin the winterization process. Make sure your pool floor and walls are vacuumed and filtered with no trace of leaves, bugs, or other organic remnants that might stain or affect your liner as the temperature begins to drop. Depending on where you live, we recommend starting this process during the fall season. The temperatures are still warm enough so you will be able to complete the process in reasonable weather.

Doheny’s Winter Value Kits are essential to fighting algae, bacteria, and other debris that might find their way into your pool if it isn’t properly taken care of. We supply you with the directions and the chemicals you need to insure an easy pool opening come spring. Please follow our instructions carefully, this will insure your pool liner will not stain with the use of chlorine, alkaline, and powerful algaecides to prep your water for winter. After you add the necessary chemicals to your water supply, if you have an in-ground pool only- you will be able to lower the water level a few inches below the skimmer. However, with above ground pools it is not a good idea to lower the water level because it could potentially bend and break the pool structure entirely. Feel free to check out our Pool Pro article on ‘How to Close Your Pool’ this guide combined with our Winter Value Kit will keep your water clean and healthy for next year.