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How to Store Pool Toys: Tips for Winter Pool Storage

Winter Storage Tips for Toys & Outdoor Furniture

Your outdoor furniture and pool toys are important parts of the overall appearance of your pool. Pool accessories can make the area more personal and, depending on your decorative choices, more comfortable as well. In order to save money and keep your outdoor toys, pool equipment, and furniture in good working condition for next year, take a look at our pool winterizing tips on how to keep your outdoor accessories looking brand new year after year.


pool furniture

Protecting outdoor furniture & accessories

If you happen to live in an area where the temperatures drastically change and you need to prepare for heavy snowstorms, extensive wind damage, and/or excessive rain, your outdoor pool furniture and toys may take a pretty hard hit this winter.  When pool owners are closing down their pool and the area surrounding it for the winter, sometimes the patio furniture and pool toys are neglected. If this happens, you might need to spend more money repairing and replacing the items next year, so review our helpful tips below to avoid potential problems.

Keep it dry!

To keep your favorite pool toys in good condition for next year, you need to be sure that they are completely dry. Water damage over time can cause excessive wear and tear with plastic pool toys, making them much less desirable year after year.  Be sure to clean and dry toys thoroughly and once everything is completely dry, store in a cool, dry, place during the winter months to prevent damage.

Deflate & store

If you have inflatable pool toys lying around, be sure to deflate them and lay them out flat in a safe area to dry before storing them for the winter.  Once dry, fold them up for flat storage in a dry place until next year.


Utilize airtight pool storage

Pool toys that are in good condition can be kept that way for next year by storing them in an airtight pool storage container.  This prevents weather exposure and damage from taking place. If it becomes too hot in your area, some of the pool toys and equipment may melt, and if it becomes too cold, they could freeze and break. Also, pets could become an issue if, for example, Fido decides to claw at your pool noodles. This type of storage container can help you avoid all of the above.

Pool Furniture

Instead of purchasing new patio furniture for your pool area next year, consider storing it away when the winter months hit. Depending on the material your table, chairs and other patio furniture are made of, it might be tough enough to withstand constantly changing weather temperatures and conditions.

If you have aluminum patio furniture, you need to be sure all water and moisture is drained from the area before the cold weather settles in.  For wooden deck furniture, be sure you do not cover it, as this may actually cause more damage if moisture is accidentally trapped inside.

For wicker pool furniture, clean it thoroughly and bring it inside. If left outdoors ,the changing temperatures could cause the wicker to over-expand, which will eventually lead to damage.

Steel patio furniture can potentially rust if left outside in cold, wind, and rain. It is recommended that you store it indoors to prevent damage from occurring.

Storing Pool Accessories

As far as fabric cushions and umbrellas are concerned, they need to be brought inside during the winter season. This will prevent mold from growing on wet material and tears from forming with overuse.

Now you are able to save time and money on your pool toys, patio and pool furniture, and outdoor accessories by either storing them indoors, or for those who have milder temperatures year round, making sure they are properly cleaned and taken care of throughout the year. When pool opening season rolls around next year, you’ll be ready to decorate and create your very own personal pool look, while also enjoying pool furniture, pool toys and accessories that are still in great condition.

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