ALSACE Wood-Fired Outdoor Oven & Grill

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  • Patented Dual Wood-Fired Outdoor Oven
  • 360 Degree Radiant Heat
  • Portable
  • Easy to Assemble and Simple to Use
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ALSACE Wood-Fired Outdoor Oven & Grill
Planking, roasting, baking, grilling, Alsace brings cooking with fire to new levels as the worlds only patented convertible oven/grill from LArt du Jardin of France. Use it as a traditional wood-fired oven, or quickly convert Alsace to a grill using its unique tilting system. Alsace enables the gourmet chef to cook all of the various foods popular in this Northeastern region of France. The dual oven/grill provides the flexibility to GRILL meat, fish, sausages, vegetables as well as BAKE pizzas, breads, tarts, roasts, steaks, vegetables and fish. The cooking possibilities are endless. Alsace allows the gourmet chef to cook using traditional 360 radiant heat and thick stones in the oven chamber. Then using the unique piston system , the chef can easily tilt the oven back and cook on the heavy duty grill grate directly over the fire. Alsace is conveniently portable, easy to assemble and simple to use. Its equipped with two stainless side work table/shelves which fold down for storage. The lower mounted shelf is a great place to store wood or cooking equipment. The oven features heavy duty walled construction. The outer wall is 1/8" steel, and the inside cooking chamber is 1/8" steel which provides superb high temperature properties. The exterior is finished using a high temperature resistant black matte coating produced by Forrester Paint Company, USA. Alsace reaches a cooking temperature of 500 to 600 Fahrenheit within an hour and fires with either wood or lump charcoal. The oven chamber is a generous 25 wide x 15 deep x 9 high. 10 Year Warranty.

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