Aquabot T4RC Robotic Pool Cleaner (Includes Remote and Caddy)

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  • Most Powerful & Reliable Pool Cleaner
  • One Hour Clean Time
  • Includes remote and caddy
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The Aquabot T4RC Robotic pool cleaner can focus on an in-ground pool with any style or size in mind. It is equipped with power washing jet technology and a high power impeller to keep the debris moving along. It makes this cleaner a very unique item in its class. Not only does this cleaner scrub, remove dirt, debris, from your pool floor and walls; but it also has the ability to spot clean. With a bi-directional remote it allows you to concentrate on one specific area at a time. It will not get stuck on your pool stairs or ladders mid clean or tangle the hose. The Turbo T4RC can filter and clean 4200 gallons of water per hour. It boasts a self-contained filtration system and traps particles up to 2 microns.

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  • 4 way precision guidance wireless remote control
  • Complete pool cleaning in just one hour
  • Self contained pool brush, no hoses or filter connections required
  • Quad pool brush system loosens stubborn debris
  • Power washing jets perform pool cleaning where other brushes can't.
  • Large capacity reusable filter means fewer cleanings.
  • Total pool maintenance cost savings of up to 50%.
  • Eco-friendly, reduces chemical, water and energy waste.
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