Dia Sol Cast Aluminum Copper Sun Dial

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  • Unusual but functional piece
  • Intricate details in the face and base
  • Antique gold color will coordinate with your outdoor space
In stock
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The Dia Sol Sundial is a perfect and unique accent for any garden or landscape. This piece isnt just for looks, though, as it actually works!

The beautiful gold base with a careful, painstaking antiquing finish makes it look as though it is a well-preserved relic from centuries ago, perhaps used along the shores of the Mediterranean Sea. Simply find the perfect location for it in your garden, point it north, and voila--the sundial will display the hour by casting a shadow upon the appropriate Roman numeral. Careful attention to detail--both for historical accuracy and style--was paid to ensure this piece remains a cherished part of your home for many years.

The sundials motto, as they had centuries ago, reads Be true to each other as this dial is to the sun. Made of forged iron with a wide, sturdy base, the sundial will withstand winds, weather, or the accidental bump form a beloved pet.

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