Doheny's Above Ground Shock Bundle

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  • Bundle up on your Shock and save!
  • Shocking your pool helps provide a safe and sanitary swimming environment.
  • Save $5.99 when you buy the bundle over purchasing separately.
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We have paired up Doheny’s Super Shock, Doheny’s Oxidizing Shock, and AquaChek ShockChek Test Strips and created bundles which provide outstanding results for shocking your in-ground or above ground swimming pool. Pool shock is an essential part of every pool owner’s “toolbox”. Shocking a pool helps maintain a safe and sanitary swimming environment by oxidizing pollutants (that make pool water cloudy), and by fighting chloramines (which cause odors and are immune to pool sanitizers.) For the average family that uses their pool several times a week, pool shocking should be part of a weekly pool maintenance routine.

Bundle Includes

  • (12) 1 lb bags of Doheny's Super Shock.
  • (12) 1 lb bags of Doheny's Oxidizing Shock.
  • (1) 50 pk bottle of AquaChek Yellow Test Strips.

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