Doheny's Inground 2-Speed 1.5 HP Pump 220V with Cord

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  • Non-convertible 220V pump with 20Amp cord with plug
  • Large capacity extra leaf holding basket while allowing for free flowing operation
  • See-through strainer cover lets you see when the basket needs to be cleaned
  • Self-priming (suction lift up to 8' above water line) Drain plug for easy maintenance for winterizing

Doheny's Inground 2-Speed Pool Pumps deliver outstanding performance and reliability at a fraction of the price of the big name brands. Heavy-duty construction and advanced engineering provide high efficiency and quiet operation. Doheny's Inground 2-Speed Pool Pumps are designed and manufactured to meet all CSA and ETL requirements. Carborundum & graphite mechanical seals for longer life and quiet operation. Note: Not for use with storable pools.

Benefits of the Doheny's 2-Speed Pool Pumps for Your Inground Pool:

  • Reliable performance with 304 grade stainless steel motor shaft
  • Large strainer basket to minimize how often you have to empty it
  • See-through strainer cover for a fast and easy check of the strainer
  • Easy-thread strainer housing ring makes cover removal extremely easy
  • Dependability with carborundum and graphite mechanical seals and components molded of corrosion-proof, reinforced thermoplastic
  • Convenient drain plug makes winter maintenance easy
  • Integrated controller is programmable with a self-contained 24-hour clock to manage flow throughout the day

Item 19019: 1.5 HP Doheny's Inground 2-Speed Pump 220 V

Hi Speed 7 Amps

Low Speed 2.1 Amps

Max GPM 97

Dohenys Pool Pumps Installation Tips:

  • Install pump on firm, level base or pad.
  • Fasten the pump using screws or bolts to reduce vibration & stress on pipes or hose joints.
  • Ground and bond the pool pump motor before connecting to electrical power supply.
  • Do NOT ground pool pump to gas supply line.

Storing Doheny's Inground 2-Speed Pool Pumps For Winterization:

To avoid dangerous or fatal electrical shock hazard, turn OFF power to motor before draining pump. Failure to disconnect power may result in serious personal injury or death.

1. Drain water level below all inlets to the pool.

2. Remove drain plugs from bottom of strainer body, and remove strainer cover from strainer housing.

3. Disconnect pump from mounting pad, wiring system (after power has been turned OFF), and piping system.

4. Once the pump is removed of water, re-install the strainer cover and drain plugs. Store pump in a dry area

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