Doheny's Saturn Powered by Dolphin

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  • Doheny's Pool Pro Pick!
  • The 2-hour cleaning time is perfect for the DIYer.
  • Cleans pool floors, walls and coves of all surfaces right up to the waterline.
  • 1-year limited warranty
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Doheny's Saturn Powered by Dolphin
The lightweight, ergonomic design of Doheny's Saturn Robotic Pool Cleaner powered by Dolphin makes cleaning your pool convenient and easy, so you can relax! The Top-access, easy-clean filter system features four net panels. CleverClean Pool Coverage provides precise navigation of the entire pool. The Obstacle Escape System prevents the Saturn from getting trapped. An active brush that rotates at 2x the speed of the robot powers through removal of algae and debris from floor and wall up to water line. Eco-friendly power supply has simple touch-screen control and weekly timer. 2-hour cleaning cycle. Quick clean-water release for removal of cleaner from pool. 50 ft cable. Recommended for pools up to 50 ft in length. 1 year warranty.

  • Pool Size: up to 40 ft
  • Cable Length: 50 ft
  • Cleaning Coverage: floor, walls, and up to waterline
  • Number of Brushes: 1 Active Brush
  • Cycle Time: 2 hours
  • Suction Rate: 3,735 gph
  • Weekly Timer: Yes
  • Filtration: Single Level Basket
  • Warranty: 1 years
  • Forward LED Indicator Light: No
  • 1 Year Warranty
  • Floor and Wall Coverage (up to waterline)
  • 2 Hour Cleaning Cycle
  • Weekly Timer
  • Top Access Filtration System
  • Lightweight
  • CleverClean Pool Coverage with Obstacle Escape System
  • Maytronics Active Brush technology
  • Easy-Clean Filters:
  • Includes Fine Filters Easily release debris from bottom of filter basket by opening bottom hatch door. Filter plates are easily removable allowing change out of fine filter plates the only way to truly clean and polish your pool water

CleverClean Pool Coverage:
Precise navigation system Maytronics famous microchip technology has been enhanced creating the CleverClean precise navigation of the entire pool. Obstacle Escape System prevents cleaner from becoming trapped.

Active Brushing:
Active brush spins at 2x speed of the robot Removal of algae and debris from floors and walls is easily and efficiently accomplished with rotating brush resulting in enhanced all-surface cleaning - the only way to truly clean your pool surfaces.

Lightweight Ergonomic Design:
Lightweight, ergonomic design and fast clean-water release make removing your Dolphin from the pool so easy

Fast clean-water release:
Keeping the dirt and debris out of the pool water is a basic function that all Maytronics cleaners reliably accomplish and provide with ease.

Energy-Saver Power Supply:
With weekly timer Eco-friendly weather resistant power supply with simple touch-screen control and weekly timer.

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