One thing to keep in mind when it is time to open your pool for the summer is that cutting corners will only give you more work later. The pool was covered for the winter, but now water, dirt, and debris have settled on the pool cover and on the deck. In addition, the pool equipment has weathered and some of the parts may need to be repaired or replaced. Taking a methodical and thorough approach to opening your pool will ensure a clean, safe swimming environment throughout the summer for you, your family and friends.

Planning and Preparation

Set aside the weekend to complete the process. This includes work time as well as down time while the water circulates the chemicals. Plan ahead and have the following items on hand when you start.

Materials Needed:

Clean and Fill

First comes the physical part of opening your pool for the summer - cleaning away the months’ worth of debris and removing and storing the pool cover.

  1. Clean the deck first by sweeping or blowing away all the leaves, soil, etc. You want to clean the deck first, so when you pull the pool cover off the pool you'll have a clean space on which to lay it.
  2. Clean off the pool cover using the pool brush attached to a telescoping handle, or to the vacuum pole. Pull all water and debris to one side of the pool, carefully removing it so it doesn't fall in the pool.
  3. Pull the pool cover off, clean it again as needed, and lay it out on the deck to dry. Then fold it up neatly and set it aside for storage.
  4. Using the leaf skimmer, remove any debris in the pool.
  5. Clean out the pool skimmers and main drain. Check the water level and begin filling if it is low. It should be to the middle of the skimmer opening - don't damage your pump by turning it on with a low water level.

Check Equipment and Shock the System

Ensure that your pool and equipment are protected from corrosion and scaling by conducting equipment pre-checks and by balancing the pool water. A pool that it is free of harmful organisms and algae is clean and safe!

  1. Check filter, pump and heater for winter damage and replace all drain plugs. You may need to loosen up and/or tighten the deck anchors and various plugs and valves on the pumps and filters.
  2. Replace last year's Teflon tape around plugs and on the pressure gauge and drain plug or cap. Double check the pressure gauge and replace it now if it isn't working properly.
  3. Start the filtration system.
  4. Open up the Doheny's Master Start-Up Kit (up to 30,000 gal) that includes all needed chemicals to shock your pool and bring the chlorine level to where it needs to be. The kit contains the following: 1 L Natural Chemistry Pool Magic Spring and Fall with PHOSfree, 1 1 L Natural Chemistry Metal Free, 4 1 lb Doheny’s Super Shock Plus, 2 1 qt Doheny’s Spring Algaecide, 1 1 qt Doheny’s Water Clarifier, and Free 10 pack of Test Strips.

Master Start-Up Kit-Up Usage

  • Add a full bottle (1 L) of Natural Chemistry Metal Free. Let the water circulate for two hours.
  • Add four full bags (4 lb) of Doheny's Super Shock Plus. Let the water circulate for two hours.
  • Add two full bottles (64 fl oz) of Doheny's Spring Algaecide. Let the water circulate for two hours.
  • Add a full bottle (32 fl oz) of Doheny's Water Clarifier. Let the water circulate for two hours.
  • Add a full bottle (1 L) of Natural Chemistry Pool Magic Spring & Fall + PHOSfree. Let the water circulate for two hours.
  • Give the all clear to swim once your chlorine levels are around 5 ppm or after 24 hours.

All Systems Go!

You’re ready to enjoy another successful pool season.


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