Looking for a quick pool care guide that will make it easy to keep your pool looking great all season long? We've put together some helpful tips on daily and weekly pool care designed for pool owners that want to get the most our of their pool.

Every Day:

Once a Week:

  • Shock Pool Water
  • Use pool shock to super sanitize pool water and quickly raise the chlorine level
  • Add Algaecide
  • Add a weekly dosage of pool algaecide to prevent and control algae
  • Add Metal Out
  • Add a weekly dosage of Metal Out to sequester metal particles
  • Add Clarifier
  • Add a weekly dosage of clarifier to prevent cloudy water.

8 Safety Tips for Pool Chemical Use:
Open all chlorine products outdoors to avoid breathing fumes
Follow directions on label at all times
Read all warning statements on product labels
Never mix multiple chemicals…a violent reaction can occur
Never add water to chemicals…add chemicals to water
When handling chemicals use clean, dry utensils
After handling chemicals wash hands thoroughly
Store chemicals in a cool dry place and keep sealed
Keep chemicals away from children!


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