LE BOULANGER Wood-Fired Outdoor Oven

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  • Generous Cooking Area
  • 360 Degree Radiant Heat
  • Portable
  • Easy to Assemble and Simple to Use
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LE BOULANGER Wood-Fired Outdoor Oven
Le Boulanger is a multi-functional wood-fired oven with double steel walled construction delivering 360 degree radiant heat. Le Boulanger provides the wood fired oven chef with enough capacity and versatility to cook restaurant quality meals for a crowd. Trademarks of LArt du Jardin wood-fired ovens are unmatched quality, ease of assembly and portability. With double walled construction and its thick refractory stones on the oven chamber floor, Le Boulanger cooks with all around heat. The heat flows through the space between the walls and up the chimney. With 95% of the smoke diverted from the cooking chamber, food is lightly flavored but not overpowered by smoke. This model is equipped with stainless steel side work table and a side warming or food staging box. The box uses an adjustable heat flow system to regulate the inside temperature. Chefs can use the side box to keep food warm after cooking, or as a staging area for food not yet cooked. Includes 3 removable aluminum shelves for the box. The lower mounted shelf is a handy place to store wood. Le Boulanger is constructed of 4 mm (5/32) steel, which provides superb high temperature properties. The steel is sandblasted to smooth the surface, then finished with a high temperature resistant black matte paint (1200 degrees Fahrenheit) produced by Forrester Paint Company, USA. With its generous cooking area, Le Boulanger is the perfect multi-functional wood-fired oven for entertaining family and friends. Firing: Similar to a masonry oven, Le Boulanger reaches a cooking temperature of 500 to 600 Fahrenheit within an hour. Fires with wood or charcoal. Oven Chamber: 16 wide x 20 deep x 6 high will fit: one 16 pizza or three 6 x 11 bread pans or two 9 x 9, or 9 x 12, or 10 x 14 baking pans. 10 Year Warranty.

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