NAPOLI Wood-Fired Outdoor Oven

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  • Designed for Smaller Places
  • 360 Degree Radiant Heat
  • Portable
  • Easy to Assemble and Simple to Use
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NAPOLI Wood-Fired Outdoor Oven
Designed for smaller spaces, Napolis compact size allows the outdoor wood-fired chef to serve the same restaurant quality food created in larger ovens. Napoli is a value-priced, multi-function oven with double steel wall construction providing a 360 degree heat source to cook quickly and expertly. With its thick refractory stones, Napoli is capable of reaching cooking temperatures using hardwood or charcoal. The cooking chamber is isolated from 95% of the flames and smoke. The tall base with locking wheels and storage shelf make Napoli easily portable. Napoli features heavy duty double walled construction using 4 mm (5/32) steel, which provides superb high temperature properties. The steel is sandblasted to smooth the surface, then finished with black matte paint using a high temperature resistant (1200 degrees Farenheit) coating produced by Forrester Paint Company, USA. Napolis compact size makes this model perfect for those with limited outdoor space. This oven easily fits on patios, decks, terraces and balconies as well as larger areas. Firing: similar to a masonry oven, Napoli reaches a cooking temperature of 500 to 600 Fahrenheit within an hour. Oven Chamber: 14 wide x 15 deep x 5 high will fit: one 14 pizza or two 6 x 11 bread pans or one 9 x 9, or 9 x 12, or 10 x 14 baking pan. 10 Year Warranty.

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