Odyssey Muck-Vac Pressure Pool Cleaner 24

No Longer Available
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No Longer Available
  • Cleaning system for ponds, fountains, spas and small fountains
  • System includes: Power head, vac head & brush, telescoping pole and a vacuum hose
  • Eliminates muck and fish waste

Are you in need of a sturdy and dependable cleaner to get rid of dirt and debris commonly found in small pools, fountains, spas, hot tubs, garden ponds or koi ponds? Well, consider the hand held Muck Vac Pressure Cleaner as your first option over any other choices. Equipped with a power head and brush, this little guy is sure to loosen any and all types of 'muck' your various bodies of water might collect over time. The telescoping pole is perfect for those difficult to reach areas. All you do is place the Muck Vac Pressure pool cleaner where you need it and let it run its course. The vacuum hose sucks up the excess debris and removes it from your water quickly. For your pond, this cleaner doesn't disturb any plant or wildlife (such as fish) in their natural habitat. In other words, you don't have to remove anything from the water before you set it up to clean it. It takes care of and removes nasty looking muck and fish waste that might collect in your pond over time. Do not be concerned with diatomaceous and sand filter tanks, the Muck Vac Pressure pool cleaner isn't picky and is willing and ready to help you out at all costs. There are no crazy alternate parts that might give even the most experienced pool owner a headache. This is an easy to install contraption, we promise you that. In order to vacuum out all that 'mucky' stuff, you will need a minimum 50 PSI garden hose for optimal water pressure and removal of all annoying and unattractive debris. No moving parts for lasting use.

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