Pentair Kreepy Kruiser Pool Cleaner

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Kreepy Krauly
  • From the Makers of Kreepy Krauly
  • Patented Silent Flapper
  • Affordable & Dependable
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The Kreepy Kruiser suction cleaner for your residential in-ground pool has similarities to the Kreepy Krauly, but there are noticeable and convenient differences you might want to consider in comparing both of these cleaners. The Kreepy Kruiser comes with a silent flapper design that makes the entire experience both quiet and easy to deal with. You dont have to worry about loud noises as it traps the debris floating along the bottom and sides of your pool walls/floor. Equipped with intense vacuum power and an extra wide mouth even the largest debris and organic matter cant escape this little helper. Unlike its Krauly cousin, the Kreepy Kruiser pool cleaner has specialized fingers towards the bottom of the mouth so as it moves throughout your pool it will not get stuck mid clean. Any obstacle in its way such as: drains, tight corners, lights, etc. dont stand a chance! The built in bumper allows it to move freely along your pool steps and ladders so you know that this powerful suction pool cleaner has covered every inch of your in-ground swimming pool.

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