Ramuc AquaLuster Acrylic Pool Paint, 5 gallons, Dawn Blue

  • Self-priming
  • Perfect solution for damp surfaces
  • Two coats cure to a gloss finish
  • Replaces and can be painted over Chlorinated Rubber Type A
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Ramuc AquaLuster Acrylic Pool Paint is formulated to offer tremendous advantages while complying with strict environmental and state VOC regulations. This acrylic coating can topcoat virtually all types of coatings and damp surfaces that traditional solvent based paints like chlorinated and synthetic rubbers do not. Forget fusion coatings and the old technology of chlorinated and synthetic rubbers - Ramuc has combined the latest in acrylic polymer research with the highest grades of titanium dioxide and resin to give you the best ever pool coating AquaLuster.


  • Versatile - topcoats and upgrades existing chlorinated and synthetic rubber systems, water based acrylic paints, and bare concrete or plaster
  • VOC compliant - meets the strictest state and federal environmental regulations - 210 gpl VOC
  • Gorgeous high gloss stain-resistant finish
  • Excellent hiding and coverage; spreads at 450 sq ft/gallon on recoats
  • Damp surface application
  • Easy to apply by roller or spray
  • Thin with clean water - no unpleasant solvent odor or extra expense
  • No Type A 'cobwebbing' during application
  • ONE component for easy use
  • Available in the brightest, most Brilliant White now on the market and in all the great Ramuc pool colors
  • Two coats afford contractors and pool owners up to 2 years of service life
  • Up to 250 MORE SQ FT PER PAIL COVERAGE on recoats than with Type A or other chlorinated rubbers
  • Soap and water clean up
  • Replaces Type A and PRO 2000 chlorinated rubber in architectural specifications
  • Perfect for concrete aquatic life and koi fish ponds.


  • Application: Roller/Brush
  • Mixing: Mechanically mix with paddle attachment
  • Coverage: Up to 450 square feet per gallon
  • Fill Time - Outdoor: 5 dry days, Indoor: 7 days
  • Clean-Up: Soap and water
  • Limitations: Not for use on fiberglass. Not for use on spas or hot tubs. Do not freeze
  • AquaLuster replaces Chlorinated Rubber Type A paint
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