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Pool Cleaning: Natural Cleaning Tips

Natural Alternatives for Keeping Clean Water

Are you looking for more natural ways to clean your pool that don’t include dumping in more and more chlorine and other chemicals? While still popular in home and commercial pool care, the use of chlorine and other pool chemicals has always been looked down on by those who are concerned with the effect that these products have on our bodies and the environment.

Chlorine is known to cause skin irritation, and it can be harmful when absorbed into the ground and our natural water supply. Luckily, there are have been some wonderful innovations in natural pool care in recent years that have made it easier to reduce the amount of chemicals you need to keep your pool clean. By taking advantage of these natural pool cleaning options, pool owners can easily keep their water clean while reducing the amount of chemicals that are needed to do so.


How to Purify Pool Water Without Chlorine

Although chlorine and other pool chemicals are highly effective at keeping pool water clean, they aren’t the only products out there that can get rid of bacteria and debris. Some of the more natural methods of pool cleaning can reduce the need for using large amounts of pool chemicals each time you clean your pool, although you’ll still want to use pool shock or other pool cleaning chemicals when opening or closing a pool, or after a big weather event. For routine cleaning, however, choosing a more natural method can help keep water clean, clear and perfectly safe.

Natural Pool Cleaning Methods

1. Use ionic pool cleaners: Through the use of an ionic pool cleaner, the process of ionization releases copper and silver into the pool water, reducing bacteria and algae growth throughout the warm spring and summer months. Ionic pool cleaners work by simply putting special cartridges into your pool filter or in a floating device on the surface of the pool. The copper and silver contained in the cartridges is dispensed in small amounts into the water, creating the cleansing ionization process.

2. Try a saltwater pool cleaning system: Salt is a wonderful natural pool cleaner, as you don’t need to use much in order for it to be effective. When you add salt to pool water, it breaks down the bacteria and dirt in the water through the process of electrolysis. The result? A natural type of chlorine that gets rid of harmful bacteria without harming you or the environment. One of the biggest benefits of using a salt chlorine generator to clean a pool is that since saltwater cleans itself, you don't have to add additional chemicals or use a special filter. Plus, the generators are very easy to set up and use.


3. Install a sonic wave pool cleaner: A new product on the pool cleaning market, sonic wave cleaners are designed to get rid of algae and bacteria through the use of sound waves. A special device is placed underwater, where it gives off certain levels of sound waves designed to break up algae and other types of growth in pool water. It’s highly effective in pool cleaning and there’s no chlorine required.

4. Utilize oxidation: By setting up a special generator on the outside of your pool that utilizes regular electricity or ultraviolet light, your pool water will produce ozone via the process of oxidation. Ozone, a known disinfectant, not only cleans pool water naturally, but it's even safe enough to be used in some home drinking water filtration systems. This makes it one of the safest alternatives to traditional pool chemicals.

5. Add plants: Did you know that having the right plants around your pool can help keep your pool clean? Adding landscaping close to the edge of the pool can help keep the pool enriched with healthy oxygen that is known to support the types of bacteria that your pool needs to get rid of algae and other debris.


6. Try natural pool cleaning products: Chlorine alternatives like Salt Water Magic can help quickly clean dirty pool water naturally, while products like Natural Chemistry Instant Pool Conditioner makes existing chlorine more effective so that you can use less each season.

Proceed with Care When You go Natural!

As natural pool cleaning is still relatively new when it comes to home pool care, be sure to do your homework on the best ways to keep your pool clean and don’t forget that starting with high quality cleaning products is an important first step. You’ll still need pool shock and other chemicals after a busy pool season or when opening a pool, but if you stay on top of natural pool cleaning methods throughout the year, you’ll likely be able to use less of the harsh stuff, which is a wonderful thing for you and your family.

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