Doheny's Super Pool Shock, 12 lb

98% of 100
  • Arrives in 12 1-pound bags
  • Consists of 68% calcium hypochlorite
  • Dissolves quickly for fast-acting pool sanitizing
  • Ideal for fast chlorine boost to keep pool water clear
  • Kills algae, bacteria and other harmful contaminants
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Doheny’s Super Shock swimming pool shock kills algae, bacteria and other organic contaminants that make pool water cloudy. Doheny’s super pool shock dissolves quickly and uses 68% calcium hypochlorite as the active ingredient to sanitize and help clear the most contaminated pools.

This versatile granular chlorine pool shock is highly effective for your pool opening in the spring. Its 65% available chlorine also gives your swimming pool a quick chlorination boost to keep your pool water crystal clear and free of contaminants throughout the swim season.

Doheny’s Super Shock is sold in easy-to-use one-pound-bags with a shelf life of up to three years, providing a great value for your daily chlorination and overall pool chemical maintenance need. Regular dosage of our Super Shock is one bag for every 10,000 gallons of water in your pool. However, for spring openings or pools that sustains extensive sunlight or has excessive algae blooms often require double or triple doses to properly sanitize poor pool water conditions.

  • Super Shock Main Ingredient: calcium hypochlorite 68%
  • Minimum Available Chlorine: 65%
  • Shelf Life: 2-3 years
  • Dosage: 1 lb per 10,000 gallons (dosage for 7.5 ppm free available chlorine)

Instructions for Use:

  1. Add one bag of Super Shock to bucket of warm water to dilute the pool shock
  2. With the pool pump running, broadcast the bucket of water evenly at deep end
  3. Brush any particles that have settled to bottom
  4. Let the pool pump run for 6-8 hrs minimum after applying
  5. Recommended: shock your pool at night and let pump run overnight
  6. Do not re-enter pool until chlorine levels are 1-4 ppm
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